Mirror Mirror

The idea behind the collage, MIRROR MIRROR:

My collage art is all about finding the light="good" in the darkness=trouble, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, etc.

Mirror Mirror is the first in a series of collages with a fairy tale twist. See the innocent young woman being tempted by the woman in the mirror. What lies behind the red door--salvation or damnation? Beware your temptations. Beware what you seek. Good and evil exist. Don't be betrayed by some fleeting desire. Protect your flame and shine your light.

I LOVE fairy tales because of the battle between good and evil. I love the journey and transformation process that the heroes and heroines must go through to make it to the other side.

I HATE fairy tales because most often some prince comes in and saves the day for the princess. No more. Current writers make sure the women can hold their own, or be the rescuers. And who doesn't love a strong, bold woman? <3

Check out Once Upon a Time on ABC to find some butt-kicking heroines in Snow White, her daughter & even the Evil Queen Regina. Yes, I'm an evil queen fan.


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