Choose your tools carefully.

I started this blog to try to let people know that we God-folk use all kinds of tools in our quests to hear and talk to God.

Lately, I'm getting the message that maybe I'm giving people the wrong impression, that the tools are more than they are.  Let me use a Bible verse to explain myself:

1 Corinthians 8:9  "But be careful that your freedom [in God] does not cause those who are weak in faith to fall into sin.  (italics & extras mine)

I want you to increase your faith, not get lost in the tools.

I don't consider most tools that would truly work to get you closer to God to be a problem. I don't consider the things I use to be a problem. I understand why some people may be wary of them. As long as my tools remain instruments of my work for good, they are effective spiritual tools. As long as I don't turn into an idol, ie., something you need/want more than that personal relationship with God, I think you may be fine. When in doubt, prayerfully consider you position.

Also people who don't "get" why you do may not understand that even if it looks like "wrong" from the outside looking in, God may be cool with it.
All things for the glory of God.

So while I talk about horoscopes, tarot cards, dream visions, totem animals, I want you to know that these are
  • tools for me
  • that work for me
  • that I pray over often.
Our tools are as individual as we are. They reflect our history and temperment and learning styles.

Don't judge me. I won't judge you. But I will be careful in what I share to make sure I don't muddy the waters for newbies. Some items can lead you down the wrong path...if you let it. Hey, the devil uses what he can to destroy and deceive us. That's why it's up to us to make sure our tools don't become WEAPONS in the wrong hands.

I'm hoping people will discuss what helps them get closer to the Divine Being. Will you tell us what tools you use in your spiritual practice?

Confused? I know. I'll try discussing this another day.
Questions? Post them below or email me privately at donna@starryskies.com .

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