Empaths, Intuitives, Psychics & Mediums

Confession:  I'm a little of all the above.

Yes, they're gifts. Yes, they cause problems. No, I'm not crazy. No, most people don't talk about this.

But my quest to find out more about these things led me to my "goth" side. Surprisingly to most people, I found the basis of them in my Christian Spirituality classes.

The early Christians were asked to do Jesus' work after he departs by following the commandments of the Holy Spirit. If you are gifted as an empath, intuitive, psychic or medium, you are obeying the commandment to "Love one another." These gifts cost us time, friendships, anxiety, etc. They are not free. Using demands a sacrifice from the giver for the receiver.

Find out more about them. Here are a few good starting places:

Empaths:  http://www.empathconnection.com/
The differences between Empaths, Intuitives, Psychics & Mediums:  http://www.keen.com/documents/works/articles/psychic/psychic-intuitive-medium-whats-the-difference.asp

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