God, Romney & Politics - Happy Voting Day!

Mitt Romney on God from O Magazine, November 2012:
Oprah:  "What does it mean to be Mormon?"
ROMNEY:  "...I did my best to be a better person in part because of my faith. My faith teaches me to serve, to give of myself to others."
Oprah:  "What is your relationship with God?" Would God be a part of your process in making decisions?"
ROMNEY:  "I believe deeply in the value of prayer, and I pray regularly and eontemplate iportant issues. But..."(then he tells the story of Brigham Young who got down in the middle of the river to pray at an inopportune time, then continues.) "So we're a very hands-on, get-the-job-done, take-personal-responsibility kind of people. But of course, in the meditation of prayer, I hope to seek the kind of guidance that comes from the Divine."


Note:  No matter who you vote for, Chances are 1/2 of you will be mad or disappointed. We are a united country with differing opinions. The president's office is a majority vote, if you ignore the electoral college stuff. No matter who's elected, I ask you to pray for the leaders of our country to work together to accomplish what's best for us all.
Thank you.

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