Lilith--The First Wife?

Have you ever heard of Lilith, as in Adam (of Adam and Eve fame) and Lilith?

I first heard of her when I was a teen. Her existence sure threw a wrench into my thinking. If you watch horror movies as I did as a teen, she's often named as the mother of all evil. That didn't seem fair, so I started researching.

As I dug for the historical facts, the sordid story of Adam's 1st wife emerged from the few scant verses in the Bible wrapped in mystery:

  • the creation and male & female from the dirt (Where did she go?)
  • the creation of Eve from Adam's rib
  • and this curse on someone called Lilith mentioned in Isaiah.

What did it all mean?

The GodSquad tackles the Lilith question and wraps thing up rather neatly.


But they don't go into the thorny issue of the possibility of Lilith as the snake that tempted Eve.

Want to learn more? Here's another set of resources:  http://jewishchristianlit.com/Topics/Lilith/pics.html

What do you think of the Lilith story? Feel free to comment below.

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