"The Next Generation of Spiritual Thinkers"--I see God.

I'm watching yesterday's recording of Super Soul Sunday on OWN tv. While I don't like that Oprah puts her name and her face first on everything she does (seems narcissistic to me), I do enjoy her magazine and her show on OWN and believe that she's very spiritual. She seeks out the movers and shakers in our world and let's us get to know why we should know them.

In the episode titled above, she has Marie Forleo (Marie TV-a place for entrepreneurs), Mastin Kipp (The Daily Love-labelled by the Huffington Post as "the fastest growing inspirational site on the web") and Gabrielle Bernstein (Inspirational speaker & author of Spirit Junkie) as her forum speakers.

While many of you might have scratched your head at my post on psychics, mediums, etc., I want you to open your mind to some of the gifts the Holy Spirit has given us. We all have different gifts; we all can hear God/the Holy Spirit speaking to us IF you believe. Even doubters get signs and not so subtle messages sometimes.

I'm not the only one talking about these psychic experiences. Look at the popularity of Long Island Medium. Look at all the talk in every avenue of media. Yes, some are fakers. They're easy to spot.

But even Gabby Bernstein on this episode of Super Soul Sunday said, "When I was very young, I had Spirit connecting to me. I felt very open and psychically aware as a child, which was quite scary to me sometimes." This voice is sometimes labelled intuition or gut instinct. Whatever you call it, you'd be wise to heed that One Wise, True Voice. There is an enemy that tries to ensnare you to go off your path so you must learn discernment. We'll talk about THAT weighty topic another time.

So what can you do? Can you own up to your capabilities or open up the the truths of others' gifts?

Do you have psychic experiences? Do you view them as a gift or a curse?

I have to tell you that  for as long as I can remember, I've had "psychic awareness" as Gabby calls it. I was raised in a strict church that pushed aside my questions. No one wanted to talk about these God-given gifts. Many were convinced that they were of the Devil. But I heard the Holy Spirit; I sensed the Love in the midst of what seemed like a curse. My abilities came and went as needed, changing because of my growing abilities and my growing willingness to serve. Not without struggle, I left behind the darkness that threatened to block out my gifts. I learned what I could where I could. I listened more intently and learned how to get over the fear.

Because I'm more mature and more open to doing God's work through these gifts He's given me, I see how my gift helps others. Often when friends, family, even strangers need some tangible help, God gives me a word or an action to let them know that He hears and he is there.

I can't take any credit for the msg; I'm only the messenger.

When people thank me, I remind them to thank God. It was all his doing.

We all have varying levels of psychic abilities. I've shared some of mine. What's yours? I'd love to hear.

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