Why are you refusing to choose?

I love tarot.com's free dailies.
For example, here's part of my iching/hexagram for today. (I'm a Libra.)

My Iching for today:  60: Limits and Connections

Wednesday, Nov 14th, 2012

"Limits are necessary to give purpose and direction to life. Swimming in a sea of boundless opportunity would eventually lead to exhaustion and drowning. Winging it alone in a sky of boundless opportunity would lead to being lost. In human affairs, the making of choices, and alliances, implies limitation, for in choosing one path another must be abandoned.

One key to a successful life is to select your limits consciously and carefully — to be discriminating in the setting of personal boundaries and knowing when to join in formation...."

Being a life coach for people with adhd, add or attention & focus issues (www.youradhdsuccesscoach.com), this spoke volumes to me. Because our minds race nonstop, we have 1000s of things we could do, would like to do, "plan" on doing. But all those items are rarely related. It's more like a scattershot; no real discernable pattern, but if you dig deeply enough, you might find some smattering of direction.

Why don't we do something to get on a track to be more successful? For the reason highlighted above: Choosing means giving up.

Huh. When I read the words "giving up", my back goes up. I don't like "giving up" things or duties or opportunities. Never  mind that many of those things shouldn't even be on my to do list. It feels like a deficit.

I agree that the key to success is choosing to direct and focus your energy to a finite number of items so that we can make progress. Otherwise we never get past the starting line. Wouldn't you rather win your race instead of having a bunch of false starts?

Your thoughts? Please comment.

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