" 'Be hard to offend' lest evil be let in." --Donna Reeve

I was catching up on Joyce Meyer episodes this morning after listening to all the details of the horrific school shooting on Friday.

I think it was interesting that in Friday's episode, Joyce says that "offense" comes from the Greek word for the bait used in traps to lure the victim into the trap.

So offense=Satan's bait.

When people get offended, they become => bitter => resentful => unforgiving => unloving and faithless.

Don't get baited. Don't become a willing victim. Be hard to offend. Realize that as much as you are offended, you probably offend people, too. We're all human with feelings that make it hard to always do the right thing.

The solution: Do the right thing anyway. And if you don't want to or you shouldn't have to be the peacemaker yet again, be the more spiritually mature person. As Joyce says, "I do not have to feel like doing what's right to do what's right."

As MANY verses in the Bible say, turn away from evil and do good. One of them is in Psalm 34:14.

We see the horrible things that happen when evil seeps into our lives. Friday's massacre was only one example. God bless those in Newtown, CT, and beyond.

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