The price you pay

Even though your special gifts are God-given, it doesn't mean that they're free. Doing the right thing, following the call, and stepping out in faith all come with a price.

Lord knows I've lost friends, had family relationships severed, had my reputation smeared, been made fun of, etc. all because I followed the Divine Guidance asking me to do a particular thing in a particular situation.

It doesn't help that I'm not a "specialist". Truthfully, I think I'm part of the Universe's cleanup crew. When someone else is supposed to step up and step out to help, as an intervention, as the aid someone so desperately needs AND THEY DON'T, I think I get called in to pick up the pieces and help as best as I can.

So I make mistakes. I don't have repetitive situations so that I can hone my skills. I have to rely on my instinct, my instructions, my wit and my "feeling out" the situation to see what's needed.

I don't always get it 100% right, but I usually get it right enough that the recipients see God's hand through my interference.

Luckily, I know who I am in God. I know what he's called me to do. I forge ahead knowing that my payday will come, but I may have to pay the debt owed by another.

Can you relate? I'd love to hear your thoughts about doing what's right...at any cost.


You can't have light without the dark.

As a newer artist, I realize that no painting, collage, photo or any other creation is "Done" without adding some contrast in the form of highlights and shadowing. It's the duality of our nature. We find it repeated throughout nature.

My favorite collage pieces I've created  are the ones with a marked contrast. In fact, I told my collage teacher, Annette DeFerrari of The ArtsCenter of Carboro, in the second class that I wanted to learn how to work with dark/black colors so that the end result was uplifting and inspiring, not dark, pessimistic or hopeless.

For the bright, light colors, I find metal colors, reflective surfaces and pure light colors work well. So I use
  • gold leaf, aluminum, coins (metal)
  • rhinestones, mylar paper, mirrors (reflective)
  • glitters, heavy pigmented paints and thick solid papers (pure colors)
For the darkness, I use the blackest of blacks: 
  • noir paint
  • crepe paper (from the party store)
  • cardstock
  • ink (beware the poisonous properties of India Inks - I'll have to research them to find out exactly what the warning labels mean and share with you later)

I believe people pursue spiritual practices for the same reason -- to find balance. They want to learn how to shine their light and highlight what's good in a world gone dark.

Do you have an example of duality? Of the dark and light interplay in your life or your art? Please share.


New year, new goals?

Hi Readers,

I'm taking my time thinking about what I want this blog post to do, say, convey.

I know I want it to inspire you to dig deeper to find spiritual connections and blessings you might have been overlooking. How exactly? Well, that's what I'm working on. I'm hoping that God is in the details.

I'll sprinkle in a few posts now and then until I'm up and running. When I have a plan, I'll let you know and give you the topic list.

Until then, stay safe, sane, healthy & happy and let me know what you're trying to do in YOUR new year.