Do you have a Miracle or "divine intervention incident" that you would share with me for a book?

My dear readers,
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I hope this day is finding you well and full of the hope of spring.

In the midst of my Friends of Christ School of Spirituality Class, my Meditation Study participation, and my new church, I've been led back to writing. For those who don't know me, I have several unpublished, children's fiction books under my belt (see donnareeve.com). Then I get a paid nonfiction interview article handed to me last year and I realized that my love of research and writing out the conclusion/info learned could be packaged with my desire to write in larger, more in-depth to create a book-length nonfiction project.

I'm pitching a few projects to an agent next week. And I need YOUR help. A friend's Facebook post on a "divine intervention incident" nudged me to ask you now rather than later if you would be willing to share your stories of "Small Miracles", Divine Intervention, or coincidences that were too good to be true.

If I can collect others' stories to add to my own, WE can show how God is still speaking and working through us to perform small miracles on a regular basis. Then I can discuss the addition of an anthology to my research book. Pls comment below or email me (donna@starryskiesmedia.com) if you'd be willing to share details (in brief or at length--written or verbally) for this project. Thank you in advance. :)

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