"Our guardian angel is us." --quote from John Geiger, The Third Man Factor, on ABC April 26 & 27, 2013

I paused the tv Saturday morning while watching GMA and called to my scientist husband. "You have to come see this. They've caught a picture of a ghost...or something," I trailed off as I looked at the odd shape onscreen.

He came over quickly to see for himself.

The segment was about John Geiger and his book, The Third Man Factor.  

It debates the question of guardian angel and comes up with the theory that that small, comforting, quiet presence is...US!
The atheists and agnostics are going to love his conclusion. Believers, not so much.

Believers who've been in that situation know that the wise counsel is not us. Yes, we have likely experienced a zen moment during troubled times where we can quiet ourselves to hear our inner guidance.

My theory: The disappearing helper, savior that people meet during those life and death moments is either a) the Holy Spirit taking a more physical form so that His presence can't be missed or b) our guardian angel.

Have you ever experienced this phenomena? Who/what do you believe is the calm comforting presence? Your thoughts below. 
See the video for yourself.

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