"The Good Nurse" by Charles Graeber

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CBS Morning Show featured an interview of the author and a former nurse friend/informant that helped get evidence against this serial killer. What caught my eye and ear was their lead-in:

60 Minutes did something they'd never done in their existence--interview a serial killer.

The interview busted the myth that this man was "an angel of mercy" who helped put the very sick out of their misery. Some of his victims were recovering from routine surgery or chronic conditions, not those with something fatal. If you look at the serial killer's interview, you can see a hint of humanity smothered by evil.

Let convicted serial killer, Charles Cullen's, story be a cautionary tale. If you open yourself to evil, take offense at everything, and assume a vengeful victim mentality, you leave yourself open to the Devil taking over. Satan is a sly whisperer who perverts reality to serve his purposes of killing, stealing and destroying. Don't fall victim. Fight evil with good. Love one another.

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