Do you believe in psychics? Don't judge all psychics by Sylvia Browne's bad press.

If you answered "yes", do you understand the complex systems that they use make it hard to deliver bankable, 100% accurate information?

If you answered "no", haven't you run into people who "knew" things without knowing, and their advice was spot on?


While I am a fan of Sylvia Browne, I'm not convinced she's "psychic" per se. I believe she may be intuitive, and her readings are the impressions she gets from the people she's reading, not from their missing or the deceased. There is value in that, but not as much as some people want. That's where some may embellish, and get it wrong.

While I do believe in psychic abilities, I can't vouch for anyone's expertise. Even my own gifts are susceptible to bad interpretation.

My unsolicited advice:  Use your instincts. Don't depend solely on any one person's advice. Hone your skills in your gifts.

As for me, I'll be watching Long Island Medium's premerie this Sunday. I do believe Theresa Caputo does has the gift of sight.

Feel free to comment respectfully below.


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