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Halloweens Past, pt. 3

Pirate, 1980s style



Some might call it a bucket list. I'm not dying anytime soon, so I'll call it a life list, or a fun list.
What's on it? Some of the things I've always wanted to do, or some things I haven't done in a long time.

This year, I plan to do at least 100 of the items listed below. Can you help me add to my list?
  1. Fly in and/or drive a small plane  (planned)
  2. Spa day (planned)
  3. Color my hair
  4. Salsa dance in Miami (planned)
  5. Go paddle boarding again
  6. Kayak in the Intracoastal Waterways
  7. Be an extra in a local movie or series
  8. Finish my memoir
  9. Go snorkeling in the Florida Keys
  10. Do the picture-a-day challenge again (& share on http://365project.org/)
  11. ??
Look for the permanent link to this ongoing list at
Please make suggestions so I can act "outside the box."
I'll be looking for more unusual opportunities to add to this list to stretch myself and have even more fun. As I find them, I'll add them. I'll start looking at http://bucketlist.org/ for more ideas.

How can you help? Please help me create my list. In the comments below, please list the PG-13 things you've done that I might want to try, too.

Thank you!!


Who am I?



When I looked back over my life, I decided that most of my time and energy had been spent in three areas. To remind me daily of what was most important to me, I create these memorable categories: 

God / Spirituality
Girl / All my feminine roles as wife, mother, friend, crone
Goth / the side that contemplates life in the shadows, the paranormal & all things Halloween.

When I needed to go back to my past to find the "story" to hang my memoir's form on, I found that these categories were evident throughout my life, even in childhood.
These days, I work to make sure that all three sides of me are honored in thought, action and time. I believe each category plays a crucial part in me reaching my highest goals.
I hope you take the time to think over who you are and incorporate those values into your everyday life.
Can you give titles to those parts of yourself that you value most?
I suggest limiting it to three broader categories instead of a lot of little ones.
Please tell me your 3 "titles" in the comments below.
I look forward to getting to know you better, too.




Why did I start ENJAY, JOT and A Year Worth Remembering?

Currently I'm in the middle of writing my memoir about my ongoing recovery from amnesia and traumatic brain injury (TBI). It's deep, hard and emotionally draining to go back to the worst period of my life and be able to write coherently about my painful struggles.

To be able to do my best writing and not wallow in the unfairness of it all, I found I needed to bookend my writing period with fun and inspiration. I didn't experience this need when writing fiction. So now I must schedule fun things to switch from the writing mode to family, fun mode.

If I don't fill my inspiration well, I can't be optimally functioning and actively uplifting to me, my family and my friends.

I bet you may also be hunkering down when workloads loom higher. Research suggests taking a break is more productive. In a recent NY Times article, author Tony Schwartz says, "Like time, energy is finite; but unlike time, it is renewable. Taking more time off is counterintuitive for most of us. The idea is also at odds with the prevailing work ethic in most companies, where downtime is typically viewed as time wasted." [bold fonts are mine]

Read more at http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/10/opinion/sunday/relax-youll-be-more-productive.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

So if my goal is to help lighten the burdensome load on people, but especially people who are struggling to overcome (TBI), I need to help them lighten their load AND take an occasional break. On the whole, though, Americans need to learn the value of FUN!



Some people use calendar years to mark time. (Gregorian or Lunar)

Most students are tied still to the traditional 9-month school calendars. (Late Aug./Early Sept. - June)

Me, while I give a nod to those time markers, I prefer to use birth year calendars as times of renew and review.

Since my birthday is in late September, the official start for my Year Worth Remembering will start on September 24th.

I picked this year in part because

  • I'm ready for the growth, challenge and change.
  • I needed an uplifting, inspirational outlet while writing my memoir.
  • I was in midlife literally (more to come on this subject).
  • I wanted to control my future more by being more deliberate with my actions.
  • I already had some great, exciting, unusual things scheduled starting on my birthday.
  • There are no major milestones within the year, other than a 20th wedding anniversary next August.

To give you an idea of exciting things I've planned, here are some of the more normal appointments I made before starting this project:
  • spa day -- facial & massage
  • flight lesson
  • hair color change
  • Miami trip w/o kids

If you want to start a Year Worth Remembering, too, pick your start date according to your preferences.

Please let me know your start date and any activities you're going to add to your dream list. Here's a good site for inspiration http://bucketlist.org/

I'm taking suggestions to add to mine. Feel free to comment below.


The Path pt. 2 -- ENJAY

ENJAY is the second key to my Year Worth Remembering. It's a word play on ENJOY, and the basis of Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life show.
John 10:10 in the Amplified Bible shows that we were created for joy. "I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)."

ENJAY = Expect Not Just Another Year!

is about showing my thanks for my awesome life by being more deliberate with my choices. By choosing to think beyond the normal restraints, I hope to breath life, excitement and vibrancy into my sometimes restrictive, complacent, boring life.
I will do at least 1 activity per week that will enhance my life; although  I hope to accomplish or experiment at least 100 new things over the course of my year...all while doing what needs to be done on my to do list and within the context of my life.
Want to join me? I'd love it. Say hi in the comments below & stay tuned as I go over more details.
Hope you have a great day.


Halloweens Past, Pt 1

Halloween is coming!!
My favorite time of the year. I get to let my Inner Goth out once again. ;)

So on the weekends here at GGG, I'll give you a look at Halloweens past as we approach this year's romping good times.

Feel free to send me your own pics & I'll be glad to share the PG-13 ones.

from the way, way past


The Path pt.1 -- JOT

To keep me going as I'm writing my memoir, [see yesterday's post] I've created a method for getting things done that's simpler than my favorite organizational guru's style:  David Allen's Getting Things Done.

Let me introduce JOT = Just One Thing.
JOTs are those things that
  • wake you up at night because you forgot to do them the day before
  • the carried over items on that massive to do list that you keep putting off
  • those daily tasks that don't get done.
If you don't make to do lists, start making them. I suspect you have multiples. Time to start crossing some off, NOT for the sake crossing off items, but for the sake of moving beyond the "have to's" to the "want to's". Those items will be your first jotted items. Go with it.

Eventually I want your JOTs to turn away from your massive to do lists & become the things that help you get where you’re going (or want to go).


ENJAY = Expect Not Just Another Year


Before we get started, let me explain how I got here.
I'm an author. I'm in the middle of writing my memoir about amnesia recovery, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)  and a stalker from my teens.
Heavy stuff, stuff I definitely didn't want to relive to write about...again.
Again, I say, because I kept journals throughout my journey. I had them safely & compactly tucked into a portable file box that moved with me. Everywhere. For the longest time, they were my default. If I got lost, if I forgot, if I didn't understand, I found myself in my handwriting in those journals.
My touchstone comforted me...until I grew beyond them.
Growth is good, but scary. Especially when you're dealing with an unreliable memory. But when I went back into those journals in more recent years, I didn't identify with the girl writing them; but I felt her pain deeply and felt how much those words had cost me to write them.
To detach myself from that reminder of pain and darkness, I shredded them.
Only that didn't destroy the feelings. They came back stronger than ever.
I knew the only way to rid myself of the lingering darkness of those years was to write about my changed life, as a SURVIVOR. I meant for my words to be for my eyes only. Only they were powerful. They brought me to cleansing tears. I thought they might help others in a similar situation.
I took advantage of a local writing workshop and pitched an agent. Shakily I told her my story.
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful agent to help me as I work on finalizing my formal proposal for her to sell.
Going back into the void is one of the hardest things I've ever done. There had to be a way to keep myself from falling back into old mind traps AND help those who may read my words in a few years.
Enter JOT and ENJAY. These are my new inspirational tools. I've crafted them from so many self-help sources. Most recently it's been Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness ProjectOver the years, it's been Joyce Meyer shining God's light that led me from dark to light.
I hope to be the light of hope & faith for those suffering from TBI.
I hope to be a light for you. My little way of paying it forward.
Tomorrow I'll explain  JOT and ENJAY. I hope you'll join me.
Feel free to comment below and check out my other social media sites in the sidebar.
Thank you :)


Inspiration for today

"Feeling fear is not being afraid. Being afraid, is caving into the fear and doing what fear is telling you to do, not what God is telling you to do." --Joyce Meyer




Good things in store

I'm not just talking about me. I'm talking about you, too.
Don't believe me? I know. Times ARE hard. It's easy to get down and stay down. Defeat helps no one.
How to overcome defeat, depression and your own wavering courage?
That's the eternal question, isn't it?
That's the reason for all the self-help books you've read.
Me, too.
My family lineage contains:
poor health
low self-esteem
strained relationships
lack of social support
estranged family members
genetic tendencies for depression
Do you identify?
Want to change?
Come with me as I merge

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

with Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life lessons.

Between the feelings (human tendencies) and the spirit lies the answers.
I don't know the answers,
I'm going to find them and put knowledge into practice.
Come with me as we practice
JOTting on the way to NJAY.
Please share my website. This is going to be fun :)