Good things in store

I'm not just talking about me. I'm talking about you, too.
Don't believe me? I know. Times ARE hard. It's easy to get down and stay down. Defeat helps no one.
How to overcome defeat, depression and your own wavering courage?
That's the eternal question, isn't it?
That's the reason for all the self-help books you've read.
Me, too.
My family lineage contains:
poor health
low self-esteem
strained relationships
lack of social support
estranged family members
genetic tendencies for depression
Do you identify?
Want to change?
Come with me as I merge

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

with Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life lessons.

Between the feelings (human tendencies) and the spirit lies the answers.
I don't know the answers,
I'm going to find them and put knowledge into practice.
Come with me as we practice
JOTting on the way to NJAY.
Please share my website. This is going to be fun :)


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