The Path pt.1 -- JOT

To keep me going as I'm writing my memoir, [see yesterday's post] I've created a method for getting things done that's simpler than my favorite organizational guru's style:  David Allen's Getting Things Done.

Let me introduce JOT = Just One Thing.
JOTs are those things that
  • wake you up at night because you forgot to do them the day before
  • the carried over items on that massive to do list that you keep putting off
  • those daily tasks that don't get done.
If you don't make to do lists, start making them. I suspect you have multiples. Time to start crossing some off, NOT for the sake crossing off items, but for the sake of moving beyond the "have to's" to the "want to's". Those items will be your first jotted items. Go with it.

Eventually I want your JOTs to turn away from your massive to do lists & become the things that help you get where you’re going (or want to go).

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