Some people use calendar years to mark time. (Gregorian or Lunar)

Most students are tied still to the traditional 9-month school calendars. (Late Aug./Early Sept. - June)

Me, while I give a nod to those time markers, I prefer to use birth year calendars as times of renew and review.

Since my birthday is in late September, the official start for my Year Worth Remembering will start on September 24th.

I picked this year in part because

  • I'm ready for the growth, challenge and change.
  • I needed an uplifting, inspirational outlet while writing my memoir.
  • I was in midlife literally (more to come on this subject).
  • I wanted to control my future more by being more deliberate with my actions.
  • I already had some great, exciting, unusual things scheduled starting on my birthday.
  • There are no major milestones within the year, other than a 20th wedding anniversary next August.

To give you an idea of exciting things I've planned, here are some of the more normal appointments I made before starting this project:
  • spa day -- facial & massage
  • flight lesson
  • hair color change
  • Miami trip w/o kids

If you want to start a Year Worth Remembering, too, pick your start date according to your preferences.

Please let me know your start date and any activities you're going to add to your dream list. Here's a good site for inspiration http://bucketlist.org/

I'm taking suggestions to add to mine. Feel free to comment below.

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