Who am I?



When I looked back over my life, I decided that most of my time and energy had been spent in three areas. To remind me daily of what was most important to me, I create these memorable categories: 

God / Spirituality
Girl / All my feminine roles as wife, mother, friend, crone
Goth / the side that contemplates life in the shadows, the paranormal & all things Halloween.

When I needed to go back to my past to find the "story" to hang my memoir's form on, I found that these categories were evident throughout my life, even in childhood.
These days, I work to make sure that all three sides of me are honored in thought, action and time. I believe each category plays a crucial part in me reaching my highest goals.
I hope you take the time to think over who you are and incorporate those values into your everyday life.
Can you give titles to those parts of yourself that you value most?
I suggest limiting it to three broader categories instead of a lot of little ones.
Please tell me your 3 "titles" in the comments below.
I look forward to getting to know you better, too.


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