Y2R Adventure 1: Massage

What I did:   Got a Massage

When I did it:  On my birthday

The Takeaway/What I learned:
  • ·         Start challenges with something easy so that you have a win under your belt when you get to the more challenging parts.
  • ·         You should treat yourself occasionally. Find a way to make the finances work. Barter is a good, moneyless option. Massage schools and prepaid coupons (LivingSocial & Groupon often feature new massage businesses with therapists that are experienced and good.
  • ·         Massage is more than relaxation. Many therapists do bodywork as part of your massage. They can read injuries in the stiffness and sore spots of your body and help you regain your range of motion.
  • ·         We need physical touch to keep us healthy. If you don’t have other outlets for hugs and snuggles, give yourself the permission to reap the health benefits of massage.

Rant:     Health insurance should cover a certain number of massages a year as part of their preventive maintenance programs. (I know some discount this service; my current plan doesn't.)

Rave:     I feel better mentally and physically after a massage. Sometimes the massage loosens the knots around injuries, and have even prevented a migraine that was starting by redirecting the blood flow to my body and correcting my neck and jaw alignment.

A Next time?:        Absolutely. I’ll buy a package deal or negotiate a better price to save on the cost of massage from my favorite therapists. Be willing to ask.

Words of Wisdom: 
“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious  and manifests itself in the body.” Irene Clarement de Castillejo (from serenitynowmassage.blogspot.com ‘s list of favorite quotes)


Halloweens Past, Pt. 12

Me and Frankenstein. I never did find out who was behind that professional makeup.
Anyone want to confess to being this guy?


Halloweens Past, Pt. 11 & funny story

Vampires rockin'

I had forgotten...

If you know me, you've heard me say this many times. If you haven't, get ready to hear it more often. After all, I am currently writing a memoir about my ongoing fight to recover from amnesia and TBI.
Anyway, when I dug this picture out, the name Mark popped into my head. A colleague at The Halloween Shop, I noted.
"Yes, but..." came the nagging memory keeper in my head.
Huh. That meant I knew him earlier. In high school. In fact, in 10th grade, before my accident, I had a serious boyfriend. One day, the word around school was that a big, tough guy we didn't know wanted to kick his butt and he was actively hunting my boyfriend down for a fight.
The announcement of  "He's coming!' one day after lunch sent me running, dragging my boyfriend across the doughnut hole area of our circular high school in an attempt to dodge the fight. 
If I was right about who wanted to fight, my boyfriend would take a bad beating. I turned directions quickly, and bounced off a broad chest.
"Ouch," I said. I looked up and stared into the face of the guy I didn't know. "Uh, oh."
"I've been looking for you," he said to the bf behind me. He lunged over me. I pushed against his chest to hold him back. "I don't know you. Why do you want to beat up my boyfriend?"
"He offended me and he doesn't deserve you."
I laughed and said, "You're probably right. But I love him. I don't want him to get hurt. Please leave him alone. For now. For me.""

"How about you can beat him up when he breaks my heart?"

"If I get a hug from you whenever I see you."

"Deal."I laughed and hugged him with my free arm.

"Deal,"  he said, and stopped pushing against me.

From that day on, I gave him a hug whenever I saw him in the halls, even when my bf was holding my other hand.

At least I think I lived to my word, at least up to my accident. I don't know about after.

So when the manager of The Halloween Shop said this Mark guy had mentioned me as a reference, because he knew me, I laughed and told her this story. Mark, if I'm wrong about it being you at school, let me know. But I'm pretty sure you told me later, "You know he didn't deserve you, right?"



I didn't want to change my blog's snapshot format.

I loved having all the pictures up for you to pick and choose from.

I hated how it never let me set up all the miscellaneous features that make blogs fun, namely letting you participate.

After fighting with the commenting feature for weeks, I decided to change the look so that you can make GGG your blog, too.

Please comment and let me know what you're doing in your life...and let me know if you encounter problems in the new design.

Come back for some new posts on my first 4 completed activities. It's been a whirlwind few days. Challenging, fun, exciting. Am I ever ready for this year of adventures. I hope you are, too.

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Smile Train

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Can you help me fund more cleft palate surgeries at SMILE TRAIN with my birthday fundraiser? If you contribute $15 or more, I'll draw a name out of a hat and send the winner a pair of angel wings like these (angel may vary) to show my appreciation in this worthy cause.


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Pls share. Thanks!

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There's always a mountain to climb.

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Free pic download

To thank you for sharing my birthday with me,
I'd like to share with you.
Email me at donna@starryskiesmedia.com for a high resolution download of my favorite Mother Mary picture (shown below). It's the same one on my Twitter background.

Sold for $7.50 for a 4 X 6" and $12.50 for a 5 X 7" print at my Etsy store. 
(I will send photo downloads out tomorrow morning. 9/25, so that I can take the afternoon & evening off to enjoy my day with my family. If you don't see it after midday on Wednesday, let me know.)

Thank You 1

Thank you for sharing your life with me.

It's a GREAT Day!

To quote Joyce Meyer,
"I know that something good is going to happen to me today."

And not just because it's my birthday.

True, I started the morning with some really great stuff:

  • a snuggle, hug, kiss and word of love from my hubby
  • a kiss and hug from my youngest guy
  • a hug from my oldest son
  • a bacon, eggs, toast, coffee & OJ breakfast made by all 3 of my men
  • LeAnn Rimes's Nothin' Better To Do
  • Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine song
  • Mandisa's Good Morning song
  • a birthday song made by my youngest son at 1happybirthday.com
  • wonderful Facebook well wishes from friends near and far
  • a birthday call from my parents

Once everyone left for the day, I lit my Miami Diamond Candles to fill the room with a great scent and illuminate my dreams for our upcoming trip.

Sounds great? It is. I am very blessed. Thank you, God.


But the dog woke us up again in the middle of the night. My husband coughed all night. My sore throat and congestion woke me on and off all night.
So I woke up crabby, with some of this cold still lingering.

I had to CHOOSE

to use some of the spirit tools in my tool belt.

I turned on the mp3 player on my phone and surrounded myself with "sacred music". The music I love always puts me in a good mood. It runs the gamut from Katy Perry (happy early birthday http://www.biography.com/people/katy-perry-562678) to Mandisa to LeAnn Rimes to the Benedictine Monk's chanting to Eminem to Josh Groban to Native American Flute...

I lit the "sacred flame".
I turned on Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life.

In other words I'm keeping my attitude on track for my birthday. It's a day of blessings; it's the beginning of A YEAR WORTH REMEMBERING.

"Nobody has to have a bad attitude if you don't want to."  --Joyce Meyer

It's my birthday!!



Today's my birthday! I hope you celebrate with me.

Check back all day for downloads, pics, quotes, etc.

I hope you consider joining my Matching Fundraising Campaign for SmileTrain. (link below)

Blessings to you this day, and every day.

Help @godgirlgoth share her birthday goodies by donating to her matching SmileTrain fund page. http://support.smiletrain.org/goto/godgirlgoth


Autumnal Equinox

Fall arrives today, 9/22/13 at 4:44pm.

So what does "autumnal equinox" mean in general?

Equinox comes from the Latin words for "equi"="equal" + "nox"="night"
The equinoxes, therefore, mean "equal night". It refers to the two times in a year when, because of the tilt of the earth, the day and night hours are approximately equal.

[For more specifics, charts and graphs, see Wikipedia's page. ]

These balanced days occur in March and September, between the 20th and the 22nd, and they usher in the spring and fall seasons. After these periods of equal daylight and darkness, the amount of daylight either grows  or lessens. In the spring, the daylight increases until we reach the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. In the fall, daylight decreases until the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice.

These periods of light and dark are celebrated by many religions. Christianity anchors Easter and Christmas holidays to these dates. Wiccan and other pagan religions center their eight festivals around the solstices and equinoxes. See the Wheel of the Year for more information.

Autumnal equinox signals the beginning of the fall/autumn season. It's a time for harvest and preparation for the winter.

What does the Autumnal Equinox mean to you?

Besides the physical preparation for winter, ie. caulking drafty windows, bringing out the sweaters and warm clothes, eating heartier foods, etc., fall is a great time for reviewing your harvest. During the glow of the new year, what resolutions did you make? Did you follow through? What seeds did you sow for the future throughout the year? Did you grow your projects or neglect? What worked? What didn't work?

With the warmer part of the year behind us in the northern hemisphere, celebrate your harvest and plan to reflect on changes you might usher in after the winter solstice.

Some ideas to celebrate Fall:

In short, celebrate, harvest, reflect. I love the ideas here.

I'd love to hear from you. What will you do on this Fall Equinox?

 Learn more about Fall Equinox and other special days at Old Farmer's Almanac.


Help Me Fill Out My List

I'm only 1/2 way to 100!
Please help me fill out the rest of my list.

My adventure list possibilities, updated periodically with additions and completed activities crossed off. Check back for changes. Feel free to suggest PG-13 options. Thanks!

I started my "new year" thinking early in 2012. These actions have put me in the perfect frame of mind to live it up during my Year Worth Remembering.

  • Start writing again
  • Fabulous family trip to San Francisco
  • Destroy old journals that are holding me back
  • Join local writer's group
  • Pitch memoir to agent at local conference
  • Get agent
  • Revamp blog and re-launch
  • Create formal proposal for memoir
  • Have fab agent sell the book & tv/film rights for six figures ;)
  • Start planning book 2
  • See my estranged sister after 12 years ** See Estranged-1 and Estranged-2 for details
  • Visit old state park that I used to work at with my husband and children
  • Display my collage art in a local exhibit
  • Try CrossFit. Hated it because it nearly killed my unmedicated/undiagnosed asthmatic self.
  • Try Hot Yoga. Ditto for the above reason.
  • Take a belly dancing class.
  • Take a pole dancing class.
  • Changed churches to better align my family's needs with a bigger church family.
  • Step out of the psychic closet by admitting my gifts (when appropriate) to those who may not be receptive.

The Official List, Beginning September 24, 2013
(At least 100 items will be completed at the end of this ENJAY project from this growing list)

  1. New haircut from new stylist            
  2. Facial              
  3. Massage             
  4. Flight instruction lesson                 
  5. New hair color
  6. Permanent tattoo? no. Any alternatives other than henna?
  7. Host a Halloween Party.
  8. Miami trip               
  9. Hang out in the Venus Williams' Royal Palm Presidential sans kids for a few days          
  10. Snorkel in the Florida Keys                 
  11. Salsa dance in Miami
  12. Go to a reunion.       I've never been to a high school or college reunion. Read my upcoming memoir, then you'll understand.
  13. Get my first psychic reading.
  14. Take improv or standup comedy class.
  15. Go on a ghost hunting tour.
  16. My 1st professional bikini wax            (ouch! http://hairremoval.about.com/od/waxing/a/bikini-styles.htm)
  17. Be an extra in a local movie or series
  18. Finish my memoir
  19. Sell memoir in an auction :)
  20. Go scuba diving  **Sadly, initial research is making this look like a bad/potentially fatal idea with my unstable asthma symptoms.**
  21. Go skydiving with my husband.
  22. Enter something into the State Fair
  23. Sell my first piece of art
  24. Create Zentangle gifts
  25. Enter scarecrow into local competition.
  26. Singing Lessons (my family will thank me :) )  (Thnx to @7SacredPools 4 suggestion.)
  27. Try out for a part in a play. (Thnx to @7SacredPools 4 suggestion.)
  28. Take a cooking class.
  29. Make a video short.
  30. Go swimming with the dolphins. (suggested by my sis-in-law. I'm torn btw the experience and the potential harm to the dolphins.)
  31. Collect $ for Trick or Treat for UNICEF or other charity. 
  32. Let youngest son try out for Cub Scouts (I had said "NO!" after his brother's stint.) If he joins, I'll be the one doing the activities with him as a "scout mom".)
  33. Sign up for running training program.
  34. Finish a 5k.
  35. Meditate for 15 minutes a day most days. (Reinstate practice.)
  36. Do 10 perfect pushups.
  37. Camp out under the starry skies. (@7SacredPools suggestion, modified.)
  38. Visit one of the great national parks.
  39. Join Toastmasters.
  40. Visit Georgia's Aquarium.
  41. Pitch/Interview with a TV producer.
  42. Read 40 books. (Reading is a luxury in my busy life.)
  43. See The Story-A Christmas Celebration. http://www.premierproductions.com/tour/story-tour-christmas-celebration
  44. Take up an instrument & get decent at playing it.
  45. Girls' weekend away.
  46. Take a pottery/ceramics class.
  47. Carve pumpkins with kids.
  48. Zip line.
  49. Be part of a flash mob.
  50. Draw funny faces on the eggs in my refrigerator.
  51. Tithe 10% of my advance to some of my favorite causes. :)
  52. Wear a bikini out in public.
  53. Girls weekend. (Thanks to @lettygarced )
  54. Read 50 Shades of Grey to see what all the hoopla's about, or something racy from Ellora's Cave.
  55. Tour a winery
  56. Go to one of the big parades: Mardi Gras, Macy's Thanksgiving, NY Eve in Times Square etc. (@7SacredPools suggestion)
  57. Visit Biltmore House at Christmas.
  58. Drive a race car (Thanks to @lettygarced).
  59. Sit on a sandy beach reading a book and drinking a "big giant head" drink. (Us not having an adventure vacation is a BIG deal.)
  60. Couples massage.
  61. Try out for a game show (like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, etc.).
  62. Go camping with family.
  63. Ride/drive jet skis.
  64. Be in the audience of one of my favorite tv shows.
  65. Hire a stylist/wardrobe consultant.
  66. Unexpected 20th anniversary party (that hubby doesn't want).
  67. Las Vegas trip with shows.
  68. Watch a Broadway show.
  69. Watch a Burlesque show. 
  70. Swim with sea turtles, shark and sting ray.
  71. Visit the Florida Keys.
  72. Stay in a bed and breakfast for the first time.

I need your help. Please comment to suggest items to add to my list.
Eventually all these items will make it to my Bucket List at http://bucketlist.org/list/godgirlgoth/ . I do hope you join me and leave your page's link in the comments of this post so we can urge you on!

Halloweens Past, Pt. 9

Punk Rocker


Wish List

My birthday's in a few days.

Other than turning another year older, I'm launching my yearlong project, a YEAR WORTH REMEMBERING, on September 24th. For one year, I'm hoping to shake free of the restrictions I've placed on myself as I added the roles of wife and mother to who I was. I believe what I'll get from a list of 100 fun to-do's will get me in touch with my more playful side and help me model better what a good, spiritual life looks like for my kids and the world.

The way the world is going, I'm afraid that the small things will disappear because there's no importance placed on them. The small things, the quiet times, the family and friends who are there no matter what...those are what counts AFTER all the basic requirements of life are met.

But enough about me.

I'm so glad you're here. If you were near, I'd throw a big party and get to know you. Seriously, that'd be so much fun :)

I'll have to settle for giving you some presents on my birthday to inspire you to join me during this next year, crossing off adventures on your list that inspire your soul. Check back here on 9/24 for some free downloads.

Will you join me?

Email me at donna@starryskiesmedia.com to say you're in and what your start date will be for your year worth remembering.

I would appreciate it if you could help me spread the word by tweeting and posting this project to Facebook.
  • Tweetable 1:  "Stop in to say "Happy Birthday!" to GGG. http://clicktotweet.com/d5bEb

  • Consider donating to my Smile Train funding page. Funding 1 surgery at $250 is one of my year's goals. I will match whatever donations have been made in honor of my birthday and the readers of this blog.

You rock!

Thank you!

I'm looking forward to playing on this journey with you.

Sincerely, GGG  ;)


Spiritual Practice 1:  Walking Labyrinths

This is the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral  in San Francisco, CA. When I was six months pregnant with my first child, I accompanied my husband on a work trip. As a very pregnant, nervous mom-to-be woman, my husband and I walked this labyrinth, praying for our unborn child[ren] and wisdom as first-time parents. I felt the encompassing presence of the Holy Spirit letting us know that all would be well with him. In spite of some complications, he is.

This year we returned so both our children could walk the labyrinth with us. It wasn't their first walk by any means. They've walked labyrinths since they were children, approaching the twists and turns with childlike wonder and mature contemplation.


Unlike mazes, where half the fun and most of the frustration revolves around getting lost, a labyrinth mimics our human condition. When we think we've reached our goal, we wind back out and around the perimeter. It may feel as if we'll never reach our goal. Then...we arrive. But the journey isn't over. We must make our way out with whatever wisdom and/or peace we've gained on our journey.

I thank God for the glimpse into life's mysteries in the form of the walk.

If you've never walked one, I invite you to try it. You'll love it or be apathetic.

Here's where you can find one close to you: http://labyrinthlocator.com/


Sacred Flame, A Spiritual Practice in More Depth

Spiritual Practice:  Candle Lighting

Ever since cavemen huddled around fires, man and woman have been attracted to fire. For all the obvious physical reasons, fire is good. It provides warmth, cooked food, light and protection from predatory, nocturnal animals.
So why light candles, light a gas fireplace, fire up the BBQ pit or create a fire pit in your back yard? Why do we light candles and blow out them out with wishes for the next year?
The answer lies in the light and in the smoke.
Light represents goodness, clarity, vision, protection and our deepest wishes.
Smoke represents a wish or prayer sent skyward, toward the heavens.
Light and smoke are key components in all religions because they mean more than the surface meaning.
Our souls long for enlightenment, fulfillment and vibrancy.
We find those in celebrations,
in fireworks,
in campfires,
on birthday cakes
and in candles in memory of lives snuffed out too early.
Get in touch with your primal instinct.
Light a candle; light a fire.
Contemplate the past, present and future.
Connect with your ancestors who looked into the flames for clues to the future.
I hope you find deep within you that desire to be the light in a dark, darkening world.


Sacred Reading, A Spiritual Practice in More Depth



Lectio Divina, aka "sacred reading" or "divine reading", is the practice of reading text (sacred or otherwise) for quality, not quantity.


Typically you linger with a verse or two, letting the words speak to you on many levels, listening to the unwritten, deeper messages available from the text. 
You can do lectio reading with any text; many will use holy texts or commentaries on sacred subjects. The only real criteria is that you want a deeper understanding and are willing to dedicate a chunk of time to gain a deeper understanding of the imagery and nuances outside of the literal interpretation.


It helps to come to the selected text with quiet contemplation, open to any messages the chosen passages may have to give you. Read the text aloud, one time through. Sit in silence, meditating/considering the meaning.
After those thoughts associated with the first reading have cleared, reread the text aloud, with the intent to go deeper. Close your eyes and let the words play in your mind.
Did you get any images or nuances you missed the first time?
Then, for a third time, read the text aloud and sit in quiet contemplation.
Hopefully your focused attention has brought you new clarity or new revelations.
Want to try Lectio Divina? I've found the people at Alive Now! have a great introductory Audio Lection program for scriptures from the Bible. You can try it here.
Do you practice Lectio Divina? What is your favorite part? Your favorite passage? Your favorite experience?


Smudging with Sage, A Spiritual Practice in More Depth

Spiritual Practice 3:  Burning Sage

My white sage and a metal lid to catch any falling ashes.

Some scriptures I keep handy for empowering the cleansing.

First thing to know, the sage most people use to smudge is NOT the sage herb you use in cooking. I tried it first; it's hard to burn. I now smudge with white sage, the same plant that makes up tumbleweed out west. I like the smell and the burn of this plant best, but any combination of herbs and plants can be used. (See http://www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos054.htm for more info.)

Why smudge?

Smudging is the act of burning herbs to cleanse an area. Sometimes bad psychic energy, aka "bad vibes or bad blood", can be left over by people in your space. We all leave residual energy wherever we go.

Who should smudge?

Short answer:  everyone.

So arguments, or tension, or crowds of people are enough to "pollute" an area. You might need to smudge if things feel "off" or "bad". If you clear the air with smudging, it should change how you and others feel when you're in the cleaned area.

I particularly like smudging after I've had handymen/handywomen in the house, a party, a family conflict or need a "breath of fresh air".

And if you deal with spiritual matters, spirits, healing or any kind of psychic, light or healing work, smudging is a way to leave cleanse any negative feelings left behind intentionally (as in an attack) or unintentionally.

As an asthmatic, I believe that smudging is one of the most important things I do for my household's harmony. Even my family, who used to complain about the smell ("Have you been smoking?") have experienced the benefits enough that they'll ask me to "do the smoke-y thing" if things are not going well.

And no, even on my prolonged cleanings, I've never set off my fire alarms with the smoke.

How to smudge?

No need to write my own version when this writer explains it well here.

How about you? When do you use smudging?

If you've never tried it, I invite you to try smudging. You can buy sage many places. I use this vendor on amazon because the quality is excellent, and after a year, I still haven't burned through one stick yet.

I'd love to hear what you think. Please comment on your experiences.


Impromptu Celebration

I heard back from my agent this morning about my memoir's formal proposal that I turned in on Friday.
I expected a long list of corrections.
Instead, I got excitement and praise!
We're a "go!" on pitching.
Fingers crossed for a few editors battling it out in an auction.

So I took a 2-hr lunch break in one of my favorite quiet places. I was surprised to find some of the sculptures already installed for an upcoming exhibit.

Win and win!



One of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh.

Tarot's Insight

Having such an unusual day over the Labor Day weekend, (see prior posts) I prayed for Divine Guidance and clarity...and reached for my favorite Tarot cards, the The Halloween Tarot Deck.
A quick Past, Present and Future reading revealed:
Past -- Page of Bats = The intuitive, eager, "young person on a fact-finding mission" goes on a quest over rough terrain "to discover the truth, whatever it may be."
Definitely me, post-accident, on a quest to remember & recreate my life.
Present -- The Star = "The calm after the storm of the Tower, revealing the understanding, optimism, and renewal that are made possible...." "Hope, Understanding, optimism, renewal, clarity, insight." 
Future -- King of Imps = "A confident, creative entrepreneur with an eye for the arts. Honest, friendly, compassionate, helpful. Hasty, impulsive.
As I suspected, the events of my actions are leading me into a future more reflective of a bigger healing than the mere physical. If I'm cautious, I can achieve my creative and business dreams.
All quotes from my favorite deck, THE HALLOWEEN TAROT deck, available as a set at
 Book by Karin Lee, Artwork by Kipling West (1996).

Do you use Tarot? Why or why not?
Do you have a favorite deck? Which one?

Visiting the Past

**insert pic from smartphone**
After running into my estranged sister and my mom, we headed down the road to lunch, passing our old apartment. After grabbing some burgers from Char-Grill, I figured I might as well go all in to my revisiting the past. We took our lunch to the nearby state park where I worked the summer between my freshmen and sophomore years of college.
That was a hard time, for all the reasons I'm writing about in my memoir. It was good to have a purpose, and some good physical labor to wear out my busy mind.
Driving back in through the gates, I remembered names, faces and details that I hadn't been able to get from the pictures I'd looked at earlier in the week. Pictures, videos, music, tastes and smells are great for jogging your memory, even for those with severe problems like my earlier amnesia.
As this weekend demonstrated for me, there's nothing quite like going back into the past for upping recall ability. The body often remembers what the mind doesn't. So if you're struggling to remember, put yourself back in the place you want to remember.



10 Spiritual Practices To Consider

Stained Glass Reflection at Washington National Cathedral

  1. Walking Labyrinths
  2. Meditation
  3. Candle Lighting
  4. Burning Sage
  5. Prayer / Peaceful, Contemplative Quiet
  6. Thanksgiving / Gratitude
  7. Volunteering
  8. Affirmations
  9. Lectio Divina, or "sacred reading" with texts of your choice
  10. Engaging in Art
All practices are meant to help you go within so that you can contemplate the mysteries of the universe and discover the Creative Divine within us all.
Which one would you like to try?

I will be writing on these in-depth in upcoming blog posts.  


What are you for?

Estranged 2

My sister and I have been formally estranged for 12 years; we've been distant for even longer. I can only guess that my sister harbors...resentments, hurt feelings, regrets & more regarding our relationship. I know my emotions have run the gamut; 

I can't do anything about what she thinks or feels. I can't do anything about what my parents think and feel. As I've told someone before, my relationship with anyone is MY relationship; your relationship with them is YOURS. I'm responsible only for me and my actions.
In my quest to change the world, I choose to forgive those who hurt me. Sometimes it's easy; most times it's not. Sometimes forgiveness is a daily task, especially if a deep wound has been refreshed by a new hurt.

Forgiveness is a long process. It's feeling, thinking and repairing the wounds. It's a choice. It's Jesus' commandment to forgive so that we can rise above imperfect circumstances. Above all, forgiveness is...hard.
As a TBI survivor, a mom, a Christian and an optimist, I know I can't go wrong if I love and forgive. So I keep trying. Everyday. I can't say it comes easy. But I see the payoff. I know I'm teaching my kids by example how to turn the other cheek. Sometimes others' reactions to us is about them, not us. You never know what they've gone through and vice versa. No one likes to be judged, so why judge them?
Who knows what will come of our impromptu reunion? I know my parents hope this meeting will be the beginning of a new adult relationship and the mending of that family unit.
I don't know. Free will is involved.

I know I have done my part in reaching out in kindness and acceptance. The rest will play out as all involved parties act and react.
I'm content knowing that I held out an olive branch of peace. Let the chips fall where they may.


My original collage, "We Will Never Forget"


"We will never forget."

Is the reality more like
  • "Will we ever learn?"
  • "Can we learn to forgive?"
  • "Can we truly have a global community in spite of religious, ethnic and socioeconomic differences?"

Wouldn't it be a great world if we were more united?

What do you think is the number one lesson we should learn from 9/11?

United We Stand.

God Bless.


Estranged 1

Look up Estranged in google search and you get:
estranged -- to cause (someone) to be no longer close or affectionate to someone; alienate. synonyms: alienate, antagonize, turn away, drive away, distance;

late 15th cent.: from Old French estranger , from Latin extraneare ‘treat as a stranger,’ from extraneus ‘not belonging to the family,’ used as a noun to mean ‘stranger.’ Compare with strange."


Over the Labor Day weekend, my husband, kids and I ran into my "estranged" sister and my mom at a local event. Awkward! to say the least. It had been 12 years, 2 houses, 2 kids, and 1 move to and from another state since we'd last seen each other.
Why mention it here? I named this blog GGG to force myself to come out of the psychic closet.
I'm lucky/blessed that on the ride there I'd gotten a psychic warning to prepare myself & my family for the inevitable meeting. I considered the options, announced what to expect from me [a little time to compose my reaction before approaching them] and let them know it was okay for them to react normally. I'd be fine.
And I was. There is no hatred on my side. Only sadness at the situation and the burden it places on my mom and dad. I can't do more than pray and behave lovingly, as I have done. But I have made another attempt at mending fences for peace's sake.
Thank heaven for Divine Guidance. When you're tuned in to your psychic gifts, you have the wisest Counselor advising you. Your gifts help you hone your skills.
And if you have children, I believe you owe it to them to help them learn to live within their God-given gifts.
Yes, God given. No matter what you may have been led to believe, psychic gifts are Divine gifts. Don't believe me? See 1 Corinthians 12 for more details. Here's an excerpt:

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,[a] and to still another the interpretation of tongues.[b] 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.

Are you hiding a gift? What good could you contribute if you "came out" of the psychic closet? Please comment below.



Have you forgiven yourself?

"Being me."

If you're a fan of Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, then you know this rule as the "Be Gretchin" advice. In my case, let's call it the "Be me" rule.

We took the kids to the amusement park this past weekend. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I'd hoped to find my old love of coasters. No such luck. I spent most of my time on the sidelines, taking pictures.
At least I know now, for sure, that I don't ever want to get on anything that spins and rushes like a run away train. I don't want the thrill--I'll get it some other way.



No longer :( (I once rode this ride 7 times straight.)
Creepy clown.

After trying to find my former love for roller coasters, I had to admit I was no longer that girl. I used to ride all the loop-de-loops, corkscrews, twisting, spinning. No more.

BioBands and Children's Dramamine  only postponed the inevitable. I spent the next day sipping Pepsi on ice and eating salty things. Eventually I stopped feeling green.

I've heard that the inner ear changes in middle age is to blame, especially in women.

And now there's evidence that riding them can cause ear damage? Read more here .

No thanks. From now on, "NO!" will be my answer to "Do you want to come to the amusement park with us?"

I know me, and I know I'm good right here on the ground taking your picture.


From the FYI column in Popular Science, August 2013, page 80:


I bet you've heard the studies that say a positive attitude is the difference between success and failure. Even the phrases we use, like "bouncing back" are annoyingly buoyant. So what happens if your struggles are damn hard and you don't feel like being "up" today?

Don't worry. We all have bad days. An occasional pity party day or day of rest won't set you back on your endeavor to create a new life out of the remnants of your old. Unless you stay stuck.

The article concludes with author Daniel Engber saying [italics mine], "Despite the lack of definitive data, the belief in the power of positive thinking has become so widespread that it might actually be doing harm."

Honor yourself in your struggles. If you find yourself where you can't get out of a depressed state, investigate your options with a healthcare professional.

I highly recommend pushing yourself a little past your comfort zone so that you can make incremental progress.


Home Protection

Use symbols of your faith to add protection to you and yours. My home is full of angels and crosses.
What symbol speaks to you?