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(Conversation cont'd from yesterday)

Why bother with the spiritual/religious component? I might offend some readers.

True. It's a chance I'll have to take. BUT if you've been with me so far, I promise not to be preachy. I'd rather have an intellectual conversation about the components of happiness and better lives. That's how I got my spiritual and religious sides aligned so that I could feel confident and happier in my values and decisions.

See, I know where I've been--forsaken, depressed, lonely, near death & tormented--and when I improved--when I gave up trying to make my life perfect and NOTHING was working. When I challenged my spiritual self to look deeper at "religion," I found the the idea of GOD, the Divine, The Great I Am, etc. existing throughout most human populations.

I shelved my anger at the Christian God I had been introduced to in childhood and left the TV tuned to the Joyce Meyer sermon that I found. No one gives good life advice better than Joyce Meyer; it just happens to be based on biblical principles. Inspired by her passion that we should be Enjoying Everyday Life, I decided to reconsider God's presence and Jesus' model of how to live a better life.

I found my way back to a broader sense of Christianity that included teachings from other world religions.

So while I will be discussing the universal principles in these "spiritual-journey-memoir genre," I won't be trying to convert you. I want to urge you to consider that your neglect of your spiritual life --whatever that means to you!!-- may be where you're falling short on your happiness.

I hope you will join me.

Do you have a favorite book in the "spiritual-journey-memoir genre"? Name it in the comments below. Thanks!


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