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The Happiness Project/Eat Pray Love + Joyce Meyer's Teachings = A Year Worth Remembering

I'm taking the "best of" some of America's most beloved self-help and inspirational writings to form the foundation for this adventure year (ENJAY, aka A Year Worth Remembering).

I'll be using the criticisms and positive reviews of both Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project (which I have read) and Eat, Pray, Love (which I have watched) to try to help the average person find more happiness in the midst of their everyday lives.

For amazon.com reviews on The Happiness Project, start here:  http://www.amazon.com/review/R150R3ZQQ7M81I/ref=cm_cr_dp_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=006158326X&nodeID=283155&store=books#wasThisHelpful

For amazon.com reviews on Eat, Pray, Love, start here: 

No matter what the writers' backgrounds, both women ask the eternal question, "If I have it all, why am I not happier?" They may be more privileged than you and me--as we are more privileged than those in third world countries, so no casting stones.

Let's take their good advice and make it applicable for a broader audience, add some fun adventure, a good sense of humor, common sense and a little southern charm to make our project together, ENJAY, aka A Year Worth Remembering, a fresh start, no matter your age or circumstances. Who's with me?

How about a shout out in the comments below. :)

I'm getting wordy, so I'll continue this post tomorrow. Please join me.

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