Halloweens Past, Pt. 11 & funny story

Vampires rockin'

I had forgotten...

If you know me, you've heard me say this many times. If you haven't, get ready to hear it more often. After all, I am currently writing a memoir about my ongoing fight to recover from amnesia and TBI.
Anyway, when I dug this picture out, the name Mark popped into my head. A colleague at The Halloween Shop, I noted.
"Yes, but..." came the nagging memory keeper in my head.
Huh. That meant I knew him earlier. In high school. In fact, in 10th grade, before my accident, I had a serious boyfriend. One day, the word around school was that a big, tough guy we didn't know wanted to kick his butt and he was actively hunting my boyfriend down for a fight.
The announcement of  "He's coming!' one day after lunch sent me running, dragging my boyfriend across the doughnut hole area of our circular high school in an attempt to dodge the fight. 
If I was right about who wanted to fight, my boyfriend would take a bad beating. I turned directions quickly, and bounced off a broad chest.
"Ouch," I said. I looked up and stared into the face of the guy I didn't know. "Uh, oh."
"I've been looking for you," he said to the bf behind me. He lunged over me. I pushed against his chest to hold him back. "I don't know you. Why do you want to beat up my boyfriend?"
"He offended me and he doesn't deserve you."
I laughed and said, "You're probably right. But I love him. I don't want him to get hurt. Please leave him alone. For now. For me.""

"How about you can beat him up when he breaks my heart?"

"If I get a hug from you whenever I see you."

"Deal."I laughed and hugged him with my free arm.

"Deal,"  he said, and stopped pushing against me.

From that day on, I gave him a hug whenever I saw him in the halls, even when my bf was holding my other hand.

At least I think I lived to my word, at least up to my accident. I don't know about after.

So when the manager of The Halloween Shop said this Mark guy had mentioned me as a reference, because he knew me, I laughed and told her this story. Mark, if I'm wrong about it being you at school, let me know. But I'm pretty sure you told me later, "You know he didn't deserve you, right?"

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