Help Me Fill Out My List

I'm only 1/2 way to 100!
Please help me fill out the rest of my list.

My adventure list possibilities, updated periodically with additions and completed activities crossed off. Check back for changes. Feel free to suggest PG-13 options. Thanks!

I started my "new year" thinking early in 2012. These actions have put me in the perfect frame of mind to live it up during my Year Worth Remembering.

  • Start writing again
  • Fabulous family trip to San Francisco
  • Destroy old journals that are holding me back
  • Join local writer's group
  • Pitch memoir to agent at local conference
  • Get agent
  • Revamp blog and re-launch
  • Create formal proposal for memoir
  • Have fab agent sell the book & tv/film rights for six figures ;)
  • Start planning book 2
  • See my estranged sister after 12 years ** See Estranged-1 and Estranged-2 for details
  • Visit old state park that I used to work at with my husband and children
  • Display my collage art in a local exhibit
  • Try CrossFit. Hated it because it nearly killed my unmedicated/undiagnosed asthmatic self.
  • Try Hot Yoga. Ditto for the above reason.
  • Take a belly dancing class.
  • Take a pole dancing class.
  • Changed churches to better align my family's needs with a bigger church family.
  • Step out of the psychic closet by admitting my gifts (when appropriate) to those who may not be receptive.

The Official List, Beginning September 24, 2013
(At least 100 items will be completed at the end of this ENJAY project from this growing list)

  1. New haircut from new stylist            
  2. Facial              
  3. Massage             
  4. Flight instruction lesson                 
  5. New hair color
  6. Permanent tattoo? no. Any alternatives other than henna?
  7. Host a Halloween Party.
  8. Miami trip               
  9. Hang out in the Venus Williams' Royal Palm Presidential sans kids for a few days          
  10. Snorkel in the Florida Keys                 
  11. Salsa dance in Miami
  12. Go to a reunion.       I've never been to a high school or college reunion. Read my upcoming memoir, then you'll understand.
  13. Get my first psychic reading.
  14. Take improv or standup comedy class.
  15. Go on a ghost hunting tour.
  16. My 1st professional bikini wax            (ouch! http://hairremoval.about.com/od/waxing/a/bikini-styles.htm)
  17. Be an extra in a local movie or series
  18. Finish my memoir
  19. Sell memoir in an auction :)
  20. Go scuba diving  **Sadly, initial research is making this look like a bad/potentially fatal idea with my unstable asthma symptoms.**
  21. Go skydiving with my husband.
  22. Enter something into the State Fair
  23. Sell my first piece of art
  24. Create Zentangle gifts
  25. Enter scarecrow into local competition.
  26. Singing Lessons (my family will thank me :) )  (Thnx to @7SacredPools 4 suggestion.)
  27. Try out for a part in a play. (Thnx to @7SacredPools 4 suggestion.)
  28. Take a cooking class.
  29. Make a video short.
  30. Go swimming with the dolphins. (suggested by my sis-in-law. I'm torn btw the experience and the potential harm to the dolphins.)
  31. Collect $ for Trick or Treat for UNICEF or other charity. 
  32. Let youngest son try out for Cub Scouts (I had said "NO!" after his brother's stint.) If he joins, I'll be the one doing the activities with him as a "scout mom".)
  33. Sign up for running training program.
  34. Finish a 5k.
  35. Meditate for 15 minutes a day most days. (Reinstate practice.)
  36. Do 10 perfect pushups.
  37. Camp out under the starry skies. (@7SacredPools suggestion, modified.)
  38. Visit one of the great national parks.
  39. Join Toastmasters.
  40. Visit Georgia's Aquarium.
  41. Pitch/Interview with a TV producer.
  42. Read 40 books. (Reading is a luxury in my busy life.)
  43. See The Story-A Christmas Celebration. http://www.premierproductions.com/tour/story-tour-christmas-celebration
  44. Take up an instrument & get decent at playing it.
  45. Girls' weekend away.
  46. Take a pottery/ceramics class.
  47. Carve pumpkins with kids.
  48. Zip line.
  49. Be part of a flash mob.
  50. Draw funny faces on the eggs in my refrigerator.
  51. Tithe 10% of my advance to some of my favorite causes. :)
  52. Wear a bikini out in public.
  53. Girls weekend. (Thanks to @lettygarced )
  54. Read 50 Shades of Grey to see what all the hoopla's about, or something racy from Ellora's Cave.
  55. Tour a winery
  56. Go to one of the big parades: Mardi Gras, Macy's Thanksgiving, NY Eve in Times Square etc. (@7SacredPools suggestion)
  57. Visit Biltmore House at Christmas.
  58. Drive a race car (Thanks to @lettygarced).
  59. Sit on a sandy beach reading a book and drinking a "big giant head" drink. (Us not having an adventure vacation is a BIG deal.)
  60. Couples massage.
  61. Try out for a game show (like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, etc.).
  62. Go camping with family.
  63. Ride/drive jet skis.
  64. Be in the audience of one of my favorite tv shows.
  65. Hire a stylist/wardrobe consultant.
  66. Unexpected 20th anniversary party (that hubby doesn't want).
  67. Las Vegas trip with shows.
  68. Watch a Broadway show.
  69. Watch a Burlesque show. 
  70. Swim with sea turtles, shark and sting ray.
  71. Visit the Florida Keys.
  72. Stay in a bed and breakfast for the first time.

I need your help. Please comment to suggest items to add to my list.
Eventually all these items will make it to my Bucket List at http://bucketlist.org/list/godgirlgoth/ . I do hope you join me and leave your page's link in the comments of this post so we can urge you on!


  1. Do something with your sister, that requires you to stretch the relationship.

    Do something unexpected for a stranger.

    Volunteer at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter.

    Volunteer at a Women's Shelter.

    1. Great ideas!
      I am inquiring about volunteering for hospice.
      I did number 2 recently. Great heartwarming outcome.
      My sis...being in the same room was about all she could handle.

      Thank you


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