Spiritual Practice 1:  Walking Labyrinths

This is the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral  in San Francisco, CA. When I was six months pregnant with my first child, I accompanied my husband on a work trip. As a very pregnant, nervous mom-to-be woman, my husband and I walked this labyrinth, praying for our unborn child[ren] and wisdom as first-time parents. I felt the encompassing presence of the Holy Spirit letting us know that all would be well with him. In spite of some complications, he is.

This year we returned so both our children could walk the labyrinth with us. It wasn't their first walk by any means. They've walked labyrinths since they were children, approaching the twists and turns with childlike wonder and mature contemplation.


Unlike mazes, where half the fun and most of the frustration revolves around getting lost, a labyrinth mimics our human condition. When we think we've reached our goal, we wind back out and around the perimeter. It may feel as if we'll never reach our goal. Then...we arrive. But the journey isn't over. We must make our way out with whatever wisdom and/or peace we've gained on our journey.

I thank God for the glimpse into life's mysteries in the form of the walk.

If you've never walked one, I invite you to try it. You'll love it or be apathetic.

Here's where you can find one close to you: http://labyrinthlocator.com/

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