Sacred Flame, A Spiritual Practice in More Depth

Spiritual Practice:  Candle Lighting

Ever since cavemen huddled around fires, man and woman have been attracted to fire. For all the obvious physical reasons, fire is good. It provides warmth, cooked food, light and protection from predatory, nocturnal animals.
So why light candles, light a gas fireplace, fire up the BBQ pit or create a fire pit in your back yard? Why do we light candles and blow out them out with wishes for the next year?
The answer lies in the light and in the smoke.
Light represents goodness, clarity, vision, protection and our deepest wishes.
Smoke represents a wish or prayer sent skyward, toward the heavens.
Light and smoke are key components in all religions because they mean more than the surface meaning.
Our souls long for enlightenment, fulfillment and vibrancy.
We find those in celebrations,
in fireworks,
in campfires,
on birthday cakes
and in candles in memory of lives snuffed out too early.
Get in touch with your primal instinct.
Light a candle; light a fire.
Contemplate the past, present and future.
Connect with your ancestors who looked into the flames for clues to the future.
I hope you find deep within you that desire to be the light in a dark, darkening world.

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