Sacred Reading, A Spiritual Practice in More Depth



Lectio Divina, aka "sacred reading" or "divine reading", is the practice of reading text (sacred or otherwise) for quality, not quantity.


Typically you linger with a verse or two, letting the words speak to you on many levels, listening to the unwritten, deeper messages available from the text. 
You can do lectio reading with any text; many will use holy texts or commentaries on sacred subjects. The only real criteria is that you want a deeper understanding and are willing to dedicate a chunk of time to gain a deeper understanding of the imagery and nuances outside of the literal interpretation.


It helps to come to the selected text with quiet contemplation, open to any messages the chosen passages may have to give you. Read the text aloud, one time through. Sit in silence, meditating/considering the meaning.
After those thoughts associated with the first reading have cleared, reread the text aloud, with the intent to go deeper. Close your eyes and let the words play in your mind.
Did you get any images or nuances you missed the first time?
Then, for a third time, read the text aloud and sit in quiet contemplation.
Hopefully your focused attention has brought you new clarity or new revelations.
Want to try Lectio Divina? I've found the people at Alive Now! have a great introductory Audio Lection program for scriptures from the Bible. You can try it here.
Do you practice Lectio Divina? What is your favorite part? Your favorite passage? Your favorite experience?

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