Tarot's Insight

Having such an unusual day over the Labor Day weekend, (see prior posts) I prayed for Divine Guidance and clarity...and reached for my favorite Tarot cards, the The Halloween Tarot Deck.
A quick Past, Present and Future reading revealed:
Past -- Page of Bats = The intuitive, eager, "young person on a fact-finding mission" goes on a quest over rough terrain "to discover the truth, whatever it may be."
Definitely me, post-accident, on a quest to remember & recreate my life.
Present -- The Star = "The calm after the storm of the Tower, revealing the understanding, optimism, and renewal that are made possible...." "Hope, Understanding, optimism, renewal, clarity, insight." 
Future -- King of Imps = "A confident, creative entrepreneur with an eye for the arts. Honest, friendly, compassionate, helpful. Hasty, impulsive.
As I suspected, the events of my actions are leading me into a future more reflective of a bigger healing than the mere physical. If I'm cautious, I can achieve my creative and business dreams.
All quotes from my favorite deck, THE HALLOWEEN TAROT deck, available as a set at
 Book by Karin Lee, Artwork by Kipling West (1996).

Do you use Tarot? Why or why not?
Do you have a favorite deck? Which one?

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