Visiting the Past

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After running into my estranged sister and my mom, we headed down the road to lunch, passing our old apartment. After grabbing some burgers from Char-Grill, I figured I might as well go all in to my revisiting the past. We took our lunch to the nearby state park where I worked the summer between my freshmen and sophomore years of college.
That was a hard time, for all the reasons I'm writing about in my memoir. It was good to have a purpose, and some good physical labor to wear out my busy mind.
Driving back in through the gates, I remembered names, faces and details that I hadn't been able to get from the pictures I'd looked at earlier in the week. Pictures, videos, music, tastes and smells are great for jogging your memory, even for those with severe problems like my earlier amnesia.
As this weekend demonstrated for me, there's nothing quite like going back into the past for upping recall ability. The body often remembers what the mind doesn't. So if you're struggling to remember, put yourself back in the place you want to remember.

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