Y2R Adventure 1: Massage

What I did:   Got a Massage

When I did it:  On my birthday

The Takeaway/What I learned:
  • ·         Start challenges with something easy so that you have a win under your belt when you get to the more challenging parts.
  • ·         You should treat yourself occasionally. Find a way to make the finances work. Barter is a good, moneyless option. Massage schools and prepaid coupons (LivingSocial & Groupon often feature new massage businesses with therapists that are experienced and good.
  • ·         Massage is more than relaxation. Many therapists do bodywork as part of your massage. They can read injuries in the stiffness and sore spots of your body and help you regain your range of motion.
  • ·         We need physical touch to keep us healthy. If you don’t have other outlets for hugs and snuggles, give yourself the permission to reap the health benefits of massage.

Rant:     Health insurance should cover a certain number of massages a year as part of their preventive maintenance programs. (I know some discount this service; my current plan doesn't.)

Rave:     I feel better mentally and physically after a massage. Sometimes the massage loosens the knots around injuries, and have even prevented a migraine that was starting by redirecting the blood flow to my body and correcting my neck and jaw alignment.

A Next time?:        Absolutely. I’ll buy a package deal or negotiate a better price to save on the cost of massage from my favorite therapists. Be willing to ask.

Words of Wisdom: 
“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious  and manifests itself in the body.” Irene Clarement de Castillejo (from serenitynowmassage.blogspot.com ‘s list of favorite quotes)

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