Pagan Christian Holidays

Happy Halloween!!

Why do so many holidays have religious and secular meanings?

Because the Church knew that to break a "bad" habit you must replace it with a "good" one. (See Joyce Meyer's book, Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits)

Religious holidays were laid over the pagan="evil"=secular holidays. To wean them off, the Church couldn't ignore them. Most of the festivals were a romping good time.

Halloween & All Hallow's Eve  --->  October 31
Samhain & All Saint's Day --->   November 1
(For more details, read this example at belief.net's pagan/earth-based religion's page and wikipedia's page)

What to do?

CONVERT people to a new system of thinking & believing by using what they know, and tweaking it into something "better". By doing so, you have a greater chance of success.

Did they succeed? Yes, mostly. Their strategy was brilliant.

To see the Global Religious breakdown by country, check out the Pew Research Center. Christians occupy a major chunk of the people with religious affiliations.


Comparison Chart for Wicca & Christianity here
Interesting facts on world religions here
Pagan/Religious Holiday comps here
Some interesting links on Christian and Pagan here


Scariest Halloween Movie

Paranormal Activity?
The Shining?
When A Stranger Calls?
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? ;)
The Seventh Sign? (My must-watch Easter movie)
Nightmare on Elm Street?
Amityville Horror?
The Exorcist?
***Note: I'm not including slasher films in this list. They're gory, a separate category in my book.***

I think I'll have to go with [drumroll please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itAOGRiYRLI]...


I watched so many movies during my insomniac teens, in the heyday of horror movies. I've seen more B movies than hits because the horror flicks weren't so popular then (1980s). The ONLY film I asked my dad to stay up so I could finish watching it was Polgergeist (1982). Maybe it was the timing (junior high & my "gifts" were coming on full-blast; maybe I was still young enough (14) to believe in the possibility of the plot line; maybe I'd witnessed enough for the special effects to hit home. Who knows? I only know that I needed some accompaniment to get through it. Thanks, Dad!

A close second was Pet Cemetery.

So, you've heard my answer.  What's yours?

Food for thought:


New GGGs

Additions to my Famous GGG List:

  • Tim Burton
  • Leah Remini @leahremini
  • Sharon Osbourne @MrsSOsbourne
  • Tyler Blackburn  @tylerblackburn
  • Chris Sarandon
  • Colin Farrell
  • Michael Keaton
  • Winona Ryder
  • Katy Perry
  • Geena Davis
  • Johnny Depp
  • Christian Slater
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Brett Eldredge, country singer. Debut album out. See Oct. 28th's episode of The Chew to figure out why I added him. ;-) @bretteldredge 
  • Jamie Lee Curtis @

Who would you nominate & why?
Please comment.


Best Goth/Paranormal Movie of all Time -- Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice (1998)

Pic rights are property of Beetlejuice & Warner Bros.


Sequel Rumors:  Tim Burton in talks to make Beetlejuice 2!  http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/tim-burton-to-direct-beetlejuice-2-report-20131021

The news made the morning talk shows the week before Halloween 2013.

Fans who love Beetlejuice are excited because this moview was a zany mix of goth, horror, slapstick & silly. Think of it as the "country mice," albeit the dead country mice, meet the "city mice," goth/horror style. The timeless Winona Ryder does what she does best--play the dark underdog--so well in this movie. Alec Baldwin & Geena Davis expand their comedic roots. But it's Michael Keaton, far far removed from his Batman alter ego, who steals the show.

Tim Burton, please please bring us a Beetlejuice version that's not above the humor of the first. Make the story as oddly interesting as the first, and age it as much as your main audience. We'd love to see an older version the characters as a comparison/contrast to our own lives.

Did you know...

  • that Beetlejuice turned 25 this year?
  • that the black & white striped suit was originally a winged demon, one variation among many planned variations? Source
  • that Betelgeuse is the 2nd brightest star in the Orion constellation and the 9th brightest star in the night sky? wikipedia
  • there are 5 things you probably don't know about Beetlejuice, as The Playlist outlines. Sammy Davis, Jr. really?
  • people are obsessed with this movie? Talk about a built-in audience for movie #2. Here's one guy who asks all the questions you might have about Beetlejuice here.


Best Funny Scary Vampire Movie -- Fright Night (The 1985 Original)

Fright Night (1985)

All Rights Owned by the makers of FN.

Starring Chris Sarandon in his sexy, powerful prime. He's the new vampire neighbor next door to Charlie, an obsessed horror buff. Yes, he's the ex of actress Susan Sarandon, and that's all you might know. More importantly, he's also the voice of Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

Warning:  Make sure you see the original, not the bloodbath, barf-worthy version Colin Farrell did in 2011. Since Colin Farrell claimed to be as big a fan of the original as I am, I'd like to slap his face for making it unwatchable; I'd slap Chris Sarandon for cameo-ing in that remake as well. Dude, don't belittle what you did in the original by lending any part of your name to that horrible, horrible remake.

(...stepping off my soapbox)

Poor Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale). No one believes him when he claims to be witness to the gruesome doings of his undead neighbor.

Some of the best lines from the movie:

  • "You have to have faith for that thing (a cross) to work on me!" True dat.
  • "You're so cool, Brewster."
  • "Welcome to Fright. Night. For real."
Buy it at Amazon.com's Instant Video here. Or see if it's showing for Halloween. 

Disagree with my choice? Who's the contender for Fright Night?


Friday Freebies 4 Halloween

Halloween is less than 1 week away!

from #1 

Here's some cool stuff/sites to get you in the mood over this weekend.

  1. Awesome, cool Halloween wallpapers http://www.wall321.com/Holidays/Halloween_111/page_1/latest
  2. Free Jack-O-Lantern Patterns/Templates
    3. Fun Halloween drinks. I dare you to try one and report back here. I might have to try Muddy Swamp Water :)


Best Animation/Claymation Halloween Movie -- Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Property of Disney

From the ever-intriguing mind of Tim Burton comes the painstaking production of the fabulous claymation movie, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Wouldn't you know that even I found out something new about it on the Nightmare Before Christmas on imdb.com website?

  • Chris Sarandon, yes Susan Sarandon's ex, but more importantly the vampire in my favorite funny vampire movie ever,the original Fright Night, is the voice of Jack Skellington. How did I not know that?! Chris, Chris, more of this from you, please.
  • Catherine O'Hara, who voices Sally, Jack's love interest, also plays Delia Deetz, Winona Ryder's mom in Beetlejuice
  • Who knew?!

But I digress.

NBC is the greatest animated Halloween movie of all time.
Disagree? Then who are its contenders? Please comment, but only after you've seen the movie.


  1. Buy something to celebrate the 20th Anniversary (on October 15, 2013) of NBC at Disney
  2. Watch NBC. See if you can catch it again this Halloween season. It was the 1st of ABC Family's 13 Movies of Halloween, but I bet someone is running it again. Or stream it from amazon. 
  3. Listen to the brilliant music of Danny Elfman and others. You know you're humming it already. Buy the soundtrack on amazon and listen/watch this a capella video of This is Halloween on YouTube.
  4. Visit Disneyland's Halloween Time at the Disney Resorts & stop in to see Jack at the Haunted Mansion
  5. Make something in honor of the movie. My eldest made a drawing of the cover scene from memory after watching the movie (again) last week. It finally resonated with him as it does with me. If you're a foodie, there are several package mixes (I found one at Ross yesterday when I picked up my costume) and websites. This one's for Jack Skellington Cookie Pops. 
  6. Dress as Jack or Sally. Lots of ideas on Pinterest for those DIYers or packaged costumes available widely on the internet and in stores. (I tried to convince my hubby yet again, but with no success.)
  7. Wikipedia's facts.
  8. Forbes' Magazine's look at Disney's uncertainty about this "little movie" here . 
  9. ***And last but NOT least...The original poem by Tim Burton! Read by no other than vampire actor/horror legend, Christopher Lee. Watch it here! Be still my heart. I may love its simplicity even more.


Symbols & Meanings - Celtic

I saw something that looked like a white dog outside our house this morning. My dog went around it; it slowly walked out of sight.

Image Property of  Third Coast artist, Cathey Henley Osborne. Go to http://www.thirdcoastrs.com/celtic_symbol_custom_stamps.htm to buy her amazing coasters.

This isn't the first time I've spied unusual things when I watch after letting the dog out, but this one surprised me. I felt it was a symbol.

So what'd I do? I looked it up. Here's the answer, via a link from Dawn on Yahoo! Answers:

It seems that a "white hound" is an important Celtic symbol of "companionship / protection / enduring loyalty / guidance / protection" pertaining to the Celtic zodiac. Associated dates are [either] Sept. 2 - 29 and/or Oct. 28 - Nov. 24. 

Dogs were always held in high esteem by the Celts, as a friend and protector. "The Fearsome Battle Hound" is featured in many Celtic myths. In general, hounds were representative of tracking skills, the ability to scent a trail and companionship. The White Hound was a title of honor for Celtic chieftains and representative of the dogs which guarded the lunar mysteries. Dogs were sacred to the fairies of Ireland and Scotland, probably because they were held in high regard by the Tuatha de Danann. Many Celtic myths involve dogs or dog familiars, which belonged to heroic figures or deities, and wars were often fought for and over them. They are also an archetypal symbol of shapeshifters.

Thanks to  Third Coast artist, Cathey Henley Osborne for her lovely Celtic symbol drawings and interpretations. She sells her interpreation of Celtic symbols as coasters at http://www.thirdcoastrs.com/celtic_symbol_custom_stamps.htm . I must buy a set.

Check out her site & let me know which Celtic Symbol calls to you and why.


Best Vampire Movie of ALL Time -- Dance of the Damned

Dance of the Damned 1989

   Move over Vampire Diaries & Twilight fans. Make way for the original, praise-worthy, BEST vampire movie--ever! It happens to be my favorite.

   Sexy, powerful, emotional, human...beautiful in its archaic struggle. A Must-See!

    Too bad only me and 5 other people have seen it, because it was considered a low budget, B-movie and was released straight to video. But now this gem may be getting the credit and attention it deserves.

According to   http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/19152-katt-shea-remaking-vampire-flick-dance-of-the-damned#. , "Katt Shea announced the she will be directing a remake of Dance of the Damned, a film that she made nearly 25 years ago."
"She decided to tackle a remake of her own film, because the concept behind Dance of the Damned "has the potential to resonate with a new generation of movie goers" as it is about the human condition. 

In the original Dance of the Damned, a vampire follows his instincts to a strip joint where he focuses in on one of the performers. He picks her for his meal because she is contemplating suicide, but he wants to share her life before taking it, and during the course of the evening they discuss their differences, their fears, and their lifestyles. As the moment of truth approaches, the woman becomes less sure that she wants to die."

You can buy the VHS version on amazon here. I haven't found it available for download/streaming, but let me know if you do.

Best yet, stay tuned to the IMDB page for updates of this "in production" movie, newly titled Dance with the Vampyre. I hope it's done with the same authentic sexiness, earthiness, rawness of the original. For a peek at the supposed male lead, see http://www.vampires.com/dance-of-the-damned-remake-on-the-way/ .

Warning:  A remake of DOTD was done in 1993 with Scott Valentine. They renamed it To Sleep With A Vampire. Don't mistake the original with this barf-worthy remake. More info at IMDB.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

1. Be mindful of who enters your house.
2. Smudge if the energy becomes negative.
            a. Stupid arguments
            b. The same argument never gets resolved.


Friday Free-For-All

I couldn't leave you without something from me this week. It's too close to Halloween to miss a day of the fun.

See the dots in these pics of the graveyard? They're not present in any of the other pictures I took that night.
Slave portion of the old burial grounds


They were hosting a "Grave Tour" with actors dressed as some of the more famous deceased. I think they were hosting more than us humans that night.

In no particular order, here's the best of what I've found for Halloween so far:

Have you decided on your costume? What will you be?

What should I dress up as? PG-13 suggestions appreciated. Comment below or on twitter (@godgirlgoth). Thanks.


Talk among yourselves.

I've enabled the "anonymous comments" feature. No registration required.
(Let me know if there's still problems.)

I'd love to hear from you as Halloween approaches.
What are you looking forward to?
Have you picked out costumes?
Do you go for trendy, scary, classic, sexy, etc?

It's been slow here as I recuperate.

I'm starting a 3rd antibiotic after having a severe, systemic reaction from the 2nd one. 

I hope to be back blogging more consistently again soon.

I'm hot, itchy and running a fever for the 3rd week in a row.

I hope the milder version of our medical plan works. I hate the steroids route.

Take care of yourselves & get those flu shots if you haven't gotten this nasty virus going around.


GGG Gals&Guys

My List of GGG Girls and Guys
  1. Katy Perry
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Cher
  5. Oprah? probably not
  6. Channing Tatum? probably not
  7. Adam Levine
  8. Dylan McDermott --after his stint on American Horror Story, definitely
  9. Enrique Iglesias ?
  10. Usher?
  11. Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones?
  12. Ashton Kutcher
  13. Ian Somerhalder...definitely ;)
  14. Rihanna
  15. Lady Gaga
  16. Emma Watson
  17. Abigail Spencer
  18. Rooney Mara
  19. Natalie Portman?
  20. Jenny McCarthy
  21. Whoopi Goldberg
  22. ...?
 Who would you add? Who would you remove? 
(If comments aren't working, let me know on Twitter @godgirlgoth.)


Define GGG further

So, which celebrities do you think are God Girl/Guy Goths?

  • They should have spirituality at their core ("God").

  • They should embrace their roles as wife/husband, daughter/son, mother/father, leader, etc. and be comfortable in their own skin ("girl/guy").

  • They should be 
    • Goth?:  
    • a) "a member of a Germanic people that overran the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era"  ? No, not necessarily, but I am of German descent.
    • b) a fan or performer of "rock music marked by dark and morbid lyrics"?  Maybe, but not necessarily. 
    • c) "a person who wears mostly black clothing, uses dark dramatic makeup, and often has dyed black hair"Maybe, but not necessarily. 
Thank you, Merriam-Webster for those definitions. www.m-w.com. 

Confession:  I abbreviated Gothic to goth because I used to wear black clothing, wore dramatic makeup & loved my hair tinted in dark or red colors. 

  • So when I say Goth, I'm really talking about "Gothic"-- "of or relating to a style of writing that describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places" . Yeah, that's it. 
My German descendants are what Wiccan author Silver Ravenwolf calls Pennsylvania "Dutch," with Dutch being a slurred pronunciation of the word “Deutsch”, meaning German. Many of the mountain ways of my ancestors have its roots in pagan tradition, which I studied to learn more about my ancestors.

So, I'm looking for women & men who fully embrace their lives, their heritage, their passion & their darker/shadow selves and are open to exploring the mysteries of the universe.

Who would you nominate?

I'd start with 
  1. Katy Perry
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Cher
  5. Oprah? probably not
  6. Channing Tatum? probably not
  7. Adam Levine
  8. Dylan McDermott --after his stint on American Horror Story, definitely
  9. Enrique Iglesias ?
  10. Usher?
  11. Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones?
  12. Ashton Kutcher
  13. Ian Somerhalder...definitely ;)
  14. Rihanna
  15. Lady Gaga
  16. Emma Watson
  17. Abigail Spencer
  18. Rooney Mara
  19. Natalie Portman
  20. ...?



Y2R Adventure 3: Flying Lessons

What I did:   Took My First Flying Lesson

When I did it: The day after my birthday

Notes:  I used a Groupon that my husband bought me to slash the price

The Takeaway/What I learned: 
  • ·         Flying a plane is much different than riding in a plane. There are so many numbers to watch even though most of the dials have been incorporated into the two computer screens.
  • ·         It feels like a computer game because of the responsiveness of a small plane to the slightest touch.
  • ·         When you get better, you’ll look outside the plane more for evidence of what the monitors measure.
  • ·         It is amazing to be in control of a plane.
  • ·         After only 1 lesson, I have a very good idea of what it takes to fly a plane and you are allowed to do everything but the landing and take off.
  • ·      You must be a master multi-tasker to be a pilot.
  • ·         When you take off from an international airport, you must communicate with the tower in the same way that the commercial pilots do.
  • ·         Science experiments are much more fun in a plane. We illustrated positive G’s and negative G’s with a pencil. For a few seconds, it will hover…until gravity takes back over. So will your camera. Mine hovered near the top of the cabin before it came crashing back down alongside the pencil.
  • ·         Canon Sureshot cameras are rugged. It didn’t break when it slammed down. I was grateful to be able to get some final pictures once we landed and to upload them here for you.
  • ·         Like most things in life, a light touch on the controls is best; a death grip is good for preventing death.
  • ·         Many first-timers are trying to get over their fear of flying by taking lessons.

Do Again?:
I’d love to. At the going rate at $200 per flight instruction hour (covers plane rental, fuel, instructor time, etc.), it will be only be as a treat until I get rich or retire.  I do hope to return again this year, so that my boys can experience this kind of intimate flight to literally broaden their horizons.

Rant:  When will flying cars become a reality so everyone can fly?

Rave:  O-M-G!! I love flying.

Words of Wisdom:
     Upon admitting my fear of heights after landing, the pilot turned to me and asked, “Weren’t you scared of flying?”
     The storyteller in me answered truthfully,  “No, never. I’m scared of heights where I can do stupid things, like fall off and get hurt. In a plane, if you crash, you either live or die. If you live, you’ve have an awesome story to tell and you got to fly. If you die, you leave a spectacular story of your death. But if you fall off a cliff, it’s just stupid.”


Y2R Adventure 2: Facial

What I did:   Get a Facial

When I did it:     My birthday

The Takeaway/What I learned:
  • ·         It’s intimidating to let people see you so up close.
  • ·         Many things show up on your face.
  • ·         You can’t hide the care or lack of care you’re giving yourself in your skincare routine.
  • ·         There are moments of relaxation and bliss—the steam, the smell of the fruity, organic scrub, cleanser & toner, the alternating hot and cold, the massage.
  • ·         There are moments of discomfort—the extraction, some of the warming sensations, the scrutiny and the product endorsement. No matter how minor, it is an interruption to the relaxation process.

Rant:     Save ANY talk of products used or recommended for checkout. Even better yet, email them a personalized skin care regime with links to purchase them online.

Rave:     It was great to hear that a change I’d made in my skincare routine involving castor oil was improving my skin and not clogging my pores like I was afraid it would.

Next time?:        I do see the benefits  of putting my best face forward with a facial. I believe before important events, I might splurge. But because of my love of massage & the more comprehensive benefits of full-body work, I will probably schedule DIY facials and spend my $ on more massage.

Words of Wisdom:
Put your best face forward.


Being You

Who are you?
What do you like? Dislike?
Do you celebrate the past, or look forward to the future when...?
Can you distill your "story" down to 6 words for the Six Word Memoir Project?
Does one picture say everything you'd like people to know, or do you hate looking at pictures of yourself?
Are you tidy and focused, or one hot mess?
Do you love or loathe social media?
Do you...? Will you...?
What makes you tick?

You've been here for a while. Because I'm writing memoir, aka me-moir, I'd love to get to know you more. Comment, direct us to links, your pages, etc.

I just thought you should know, I'm glad you're here.

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