Best Animation/Claymation Halloween Movie -- Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Property of Disney

From the ever-intriguing mind of Tim Burton comes the painstaking production of the fabulous claymation movie, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Wouldn't you know that even I found out something new about it on the Nightmare Before Christmas on imdb.com website?

  • Chris Sarandon, yes Susan Sarandon's ex, but more importantly the vampire in my favorite funny vampire movie ever,the original Fright Night, is the voice of Jack Skellington. How did I not know that?! Chris, Chris, more of this from you, please.
  • Catherine O'Hara, who voices Sally, Jack's love interest, also plays Delia Deetz, Winona Ryder's mom in Beetlejuice
  • Who knew?!

But I digress.

NBC is the greatest animated Halloween movie of all time.
Disagree? Then who are its contenders? Please comment, but only after you've seen the movie.


  1. Buy something to celebrate the 20th Anniversary (on October 15, 2013) of NBC at Disney
  2. Watch NBC. See if you can catch it again this Halloween season. It was the 1st of ABC Family's 13 Movies of Halloween, but I bet someone is running it again. Or stream it from amazon. 
  3. Listen to the brilliant music of Danny Elfman and others. You know you're humming it already. Buy the soundtrack on amazon and listen/watch this a capella video of This is Halloween on YouTube.
  4. Visit Disneyland's Halloween Time at the Disney Resorts & stop in to see Jack at the Haunted Mansion
  5. Make something in honor of the movie. My eldest made a drawing of the cover scene from memory after watching the movie (again) last week. It finally resonated with him as it does with me. If you're a foodie, there are several package mixes (I found one at Ross yesterday when I picked up my costume) and websites. This one's for Jack Skellington Cookie Pops. 
  6. Dress as Jack or Sally. Lots of ideas on Pinterest for those DIYers or packaged costumes available widely on the internet and in stores. (I tried to convince my hubby yet again, but with no success.)
  7. Wikipedia's facts.
  8. Forbes' Magazine's look at Disney's uncertainty about this "little movie" here . 
  9. ***And last but NOT least...The original poem by Tim Burton! Read by no other than vampire actor/horror legend, Christopher Lee. Watch it here! Be still my heart. I may love its simplicity even more.


  1. We watch this every Halloween, well, listen to it really, as we have the volume turned way up, as we greet trick or treaters on our front stoop!

  2. Great idea! I'm more likely to buy the music so I can hum it around the house during non-Halloween times and blast it from the front porch :)


    Thanks for commenting!


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