Best Funny Scary Vampire Movie -- Fright Night (The 1985 Original)

Fright Night (1985)

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Starring Chris Sarandon in his sexy, powerful prime. He's the new vampire neighbor next door to Charlie, an obsessed horror buff. Yes, he's the ex of actress Susan Sarandon, and that's all you might know. More importantly, he's also the voice of Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

Warning:  Make sure you see the original, not the bloodbath, barf-worthy version Colin Farrell did in 2011. Since Colin Farrell claimed to be as big a fan of the original as I am, I'd like to slap his face for making it unwatchable; I'd slap Chris Sarandon for cameo-ing in that remake as well. Dude, don't belittle what you did in the original by lending any part of your name to that horrible, horrible remake.

(...stepping off my soapbox)

Poor Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale). No one believes him when he claims to be witness to the gruesome doings of his undead neighbor.

Some of the best lines from the movie:

  • "You have to have faith for that thing (a cross) to work on me!" True dat.
  • "You're so cool, Brewster."
  • "Welcome to Fright. Night. For real."
Buy it at Amazon.com's Instant Video here. Or see if it's showing for Halloween. 

Disagree with my choice? Who's the contender for Fright Night?

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