Best Vampire Movie of ALL Time -- Dance of the Damned

Dance of the Damned 1989

   Move over Vampire Diaries & Twilight fans. Make way for the original, praise-worthy, BEST vampire movie--ever! It happens to be my favorite.

   Sexy, powerful, emotional, human...beautiful in its archaic struggle. A Must-See!

    Too bad only me and 5 other people have seen it, because it was considered a low budget, B-movie and was released straight to video. But now this gem may be getting the credit and attention it deserves.

According to   http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/19152-katt-shea-remaking-vampire-flick-dance-of-the-damned#. , "Katt Shea announced the she will be directing a remake of Dance of the Damned, a film that she made nearly 25 years ago."
"She decided to tackle a remake of her own film, because the concept behind Dance of the Damned "has the potential to resonate with a new generation of movie goers" as it is about the human condition. 

In the original Dance of the Damned, a vampire follows his instincts to a strip joint where he focuses in on one of the performers. He picks her for his meal because she is contemplating suicide, but he wants to share her life before taking it, and during the course of the evening they discuss their differences, their fears, and their lifestyles. As the moment of truth approaches, the woman becomes less sure that she wants to die."

You can buy the VHS version on amazon here. I haven't found it available for download/streaming, but let me know if you do.

Best yet, stay tuned to the IMDB page for updates of this "in production" movie, newly titled Dance with the Vampyre. I hope it's done with the same authentic sexiness, earthiness, rawness of the original. For a peek at the supposed male lead, see http://www.vampires.com/dance-of-the-damned-remake-on-the-way/ .

Warning:  A remake of DOTD was done in 1993 with Scott Valentine. They renamed it To Sleep With A Vampire. Don't mistake the original with this barf-worthy remake. More info at IMDB.

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