Pagan Christian Holidays

Happy Halloween!!

Why do so many holidays have religious and secular meanings?

Because the Church knew that to break a "bad" habit you must replace it with a "good" one. (See Joyce Meyer's book, Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits)

Religious holidays were laid over the pagan="evil"=secular holidays. To wean them off, the Church couldn't ignore them. Most of the festivals were a romping good time.

Halloween & All Hallow's Eve  --->  October 31
Samhain & All Saint's Day --->   November 1
(For more details, read this example at belief.net's pagan/earth-based religion's page and wikipedia's page)

What to do?

CONVERT people to a new system of thinking & believing by using what they know, and tweaking it into something "better". By doing so, you have a greater chance of success.

Did they succeed? Yes, mostly. Their strategy was brilliant.

To see the Global Religious breakdown by country, check out the Pew Research Center. Christians occupy a major chunk of the people with religious affiliations.


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