Scariest Halloween Movie

Paranormal Activity?
The Shining?
When A Stranger Calls?
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? ;)
The Seventh Sign? (My must-watch Easter movie)
Nightmare on Elm Street?
Amityville Horror?
The Exorcist?
***Note: I'm not including slasher films in this list. They're gory, a separate category in my book.***

I think I'll have to go with [drumroll please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itAOGRiYRLI]...


I watched so many movies during my insomniac teens, in the heyday of horror movies. I've seen more B movies than hits because the horror flicks weren't so popular then (1980s). The ONLY film I asked my dad to stay up so I could finish watching it was Polgergeist (1982). Maybe it was the timing (junior high & my "gifts" were coming on full-blast; maybe I was still young enough (14) to believe in the possibility of the plot line; maybe I'd witnessed enough for the special effects to hit home. Who knows? I only know that I needed some accompaniment to get through it. Thanks, Dad!

A close second was Pet Cemetery.

So, you've heard my answer.  What's yours?

Food for thought:

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