Y2R Adventure 2: Facial

What I did:   Get a Facial

When I did it:     My birthday

The Takeaway/What I learned:
  • ·         It’s intimidating to let people see you so up close.
  • ·         Many things show up on your face.
  • ·         You can’t hide the care or lack of care you’re giving yourself in your skincare routine.
  • ·         There are moments of relaxation and bliss—the steam, the smell of the fruity, organic scrub, cleanser & toner, the alternating hot and cold, the massage.
  • ·         There are moments of discomfort—the extraction, some of the warming sensations, the scrutiny and the product endorsement. No matter how minor, it is an interruption to the relaxation process.

Rant:     Save ANY talk of products used or recommended for checkout. Even better yet, email them a personalized skin care regime with links to purchase them online.

Rave:     It was great to hear that a change I’d made in my skincare routine involving castor oil was improving my skin and not clogging my pores like I was afraid it would.

Next time?:        I do see the benefits  of putting my best face forward with a facial. I believe before important events, I might splurge. But because of my love of massage & the more comprehensive benefits of full-body work, I will probably schedule DIY facials and spend my $ on more massage.

Words of Wisdom:
Put your best face forward.

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