Y2R Adventure 3: Flying Lessons

What I did:   Took My First Flying Lesson

When I did it: The day after my birthday

Notes:  I used a Groupon that my husband bought me to slash the price

The Takeaway/What I learned: 
  • ·         Flying a plane is much different than riding in a plane. There are so many numbers to watch even though most of the dials have been incorporated into the two computer screens.
  • ·         It feels like a computer game because of the responsiveness of a small plane to the slightest touch.
  • ·         When you get better, you’ll look outside the plane more for evidence of what the monitors measure.
  • ·         It is amazing to be in control of a plane.
  • ·         After only 1 lesson, I have a very good idea of what it takes to fly a plane and you are allowed to do everything but the landing and take off.
  • ·      You must be a master multi-tasker to be a pilot.
  • ·         When you take off from an international airport, you must communicate with the tower in the same way that the commercial pilots do.
  • ·         Science experiments are much more fun in a plane. We illustrated positive G’s and negative G’s with a pencil. For a few seconds, it will hover…until gravity takes back over. So will your camera. Mine hovered near the top of the cabin before it came crashing back down alongside the pencil.
  • ·         Canon Sureshot cameras are rugged. It didn’t break when it slammed down. I was grateful to be able to get some final pictures once we landed and to upload them here for you.
  • ·         Like most things in life, a light touch on the controls is best; a death grip is good for preventing death.
  • ·         Many first-timers are trying to get over their fear of flying by taking lessons.

Do Again?:
I’d love to. At the going rate at $200 per flight instruction hour (covers plane rental, fuel, instructor time, etc.), it will be only be as a treat until I get rich or retire.  I do hope to return again this year, so that my boys can experience this kind of intimate flight to literally broaden their horizons.

Rant:  When will flying cars become a reality so everyone can fly?

Rave:  O-M-G!! I love flying.

Words of Wisdom:
     Upon admitting my fear of heights after landing, the pilot turned to me and asked, “Weren’t you scared of flying?”
     The storyteller in me answered truthfully,  “No, never. I’m scared of heights where I can do stupid things, like fall off and get hurt. In a plane, if you crash, you either live or die. If you live, you’ve have an awesome story to tell and you got to fly. If you die, you leave a spectacular story of your death. But if you fall off a cliff, it’s just stupid.”

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