10 Things I've Learned From Joyce Meyer

Picture from joycemeyer.org

1.   No matter how bad your background/history, you can overcome.
2.   God/Spirit is with you, always.
3.   Evil happens because [wo]mankind has the free will to choose & because we have a real enemy who is out to destroy us.
4.   It's never too late to start again.
5.   "God is Not Mad at You"  (also the title of her new book)
6.   Love is the answer.
7.   Make your passion your life's work.
8.   Don't be afraid to fail.
9.   Speak and act for those without a voice.
10. Have faith. - You never know how many beings are working on your behalf or how close you are to your deepest dreams.


  1. I Love Joyce Meyer. Watch her everyday.

  2. I wonder what percentage of the world watches her at least once a week?


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