All Saints' Day

Today is All Saints' Day, a feast day to celebrate saints who may not have their own feast day.

Yesterday was Halloween, or

So Hallow's Eve = Halloween=Hallow+eve is the day before All Hallows, or the All Holies Day.

That makes today All Hallows' Day.  To Hallow means to make holy; to set aside for holy use. Specifically saints are those honored by the Catholic church, but more generally, saints are all Christians.

So All Saints' Day is part of Hallowmas= Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day = [October 31 - November 2]. It is a 3-day period to celebrate the dead, especially " martyrssaints, and all faithful departed Christians," according to Wikipedia.

If you are Catholic, you know about the liturgical calendar, the saints and the feast days way more than I do. I have acquired only a working knowledge through my Christian spirituality. To delve deeper into these categories, start here

Whatever you do, you may want to think fondly of those loved ones who have gone on before.

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