Fail 2: Enter something into the State Fair

from last year's NC State Fair

For the last few years, my youngest and I have poured over the contests at the state fair, looking for the events that we could join. We plan, and test, and taste. Alas, we've still not entered anything into the competition.

Of course I had a really good excuse. (I always do.) All of my plans for October got screwed up by my massive sinus &ear infections. I ended up on 3 different antibiotics for 30 days. #1 wasn't strong enough; I had a massive reaction to either #2 or #2+the Miami sun and heat; #3 lasted for 2 weeks.

It's fall. I'm still congested and phlegmy...

The NC State Fair is was in October. Hence, I didn't have time to hone my skills or get an item into the fair. For the first time in a few years, we didn't even go.

I can't say I miss the noise, the smells, the lights or the people. Together, they're overwhelming for a HSP (highly sensitive person), aka an empath/intuitive.

Maybe next year. Or maybe not. I found out that I don't really care all that much for all things "Fair," except for those funnel cakes ;)

Have you ever entered a fair competition? The category? Did you have fun?

Extras from the NC State Fair can be found here:

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