Fresh Foods & Meatless Mondays

It's the holiday season, no matter where you live or what you believe. If you're in the US, you're probably stuffed from Thanksgiving gorging.
I urge you to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of the seasons, without busting the button off your pants. As a Southern girl, born & raised in NC, big eating is required, but doesn't have to be bad for you.

On any given day, I might break out of the ho-hum boring tone of the week with a spectacular, scratch made. My intent is to make the meal using up as many leftovers in the fridge & pantry as possible. With Thanksgiving upon us, refrigerator space is valuable.

I love Meatless Mondays because I'm not a big meat eater. I despise most poultry, the result of having lived too close to a chicken processing plant. The smell...well, it makes it hard to eat chicken ever again.

So Meatless Monday

usually becomes Lucky Leftovers Night.

 "I LOVE leftover night!" my husband says. "You are the Rachel Ray of Leftovers, Hon!" True, some of our best meals are throw-together meals, which makes it impossible to replicate them on purpose. Talk about living in the moment!

Anyway, with the planned anchors of baked potatoes and fresh spinach, I knew I wanted something with a huge flavor profile. I scrounged around for leftovers and any Sam's Club-sized bags of vegetables. (BTW Sam's Club has amazing deals on fresh fruits and vegetables, many of them organic. I prefer their membership to other clubs like Costco because of the quality of their produce.)

I grabbed the big bags of broccoli and carrots, the portabella mushrooms, the dried tomatoes, leftover black beans and corn from Mexican night, & Alouette Garlic & Herbs spread my son promised me he would eat (and usually does).

I roasted the broccoli and carrots in a new favorite garlicky, non-dairy buttery spread pictured below.
Seasoned the portabellas with spices and stuffed them with a mix of rehydrated onions & dried tomatoes with the black beans, corn and garlic cheese spread.

I added 
  • the Autumn Salad from Land O' Lakes (I left out the bacon, cheese & onion, and substituted orange & grapefruit slices for them) 
  • to the broccoli and cheese stuffed baked potatoes 
  • and the southwestern stuffed portabella mushrooms for the most amazing meal in a very long time. (I nailed the egg drop soup this weekend, and couldn't recreate it the next night with the stir-fried leftovers.)

I'll add the pics of the finished meal once my husband gets home. He and our youngest thought the plate was so pretty and yummy that it deserved a picture. 

Until then, I urge you to eat fresh, eat homemade and spend time with your loved ones over a good meal. And consider making your Mondays meatless.

Bon apetit!

(Pictures above belong to the respective brands' sites listed in the post. I'm not paid for mentioning them or affiliated in any way other than being a huge fan of all.)

Did you enjoy my meal post? Would you like to see more occasionally? Please comment below. 

Since I am Southern and I am a health-conscious foodie whose family lived gluten-free for 7 years under a gluten-free diagnosis ( diagnosis dismissed after gene testing at the Celiac Center in Baltimore with Dr. Fasano), I don't feel that you'd really know me if you didn't know those things about me.

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