Y2R Adventure #4: New 'Do

What I did:   New Haircut From New Stylist  

When I did it: On the way home from my plane lesson, the day after my birthday (Sept. 25)

Notes:  I was so psyched from flying, I pulled off interstate and into a popular shopping center to decide what to do next. Lunch, shopping, home. When I looked up, there was the salon I'd been researching on the internet. Before I lost my nerve, I looked up the phone number, called to ask about walk-ins, made an appointment for 1 hour later and got my hair cut from whomever was available. I was lucky. She did a great job and understood my thick mass of hair. Even though I gave her carte blanche, she chose to keep my hair shoulder length and work with my waves instead of trying to straighten and shorten it. 

The Takeaway/What I learned:  Use your pumped up adrenaline to fuel other pursuits that you're nervous about

Do Again?:  Absolutely

Rant:  None

Rave:  Very accommodating, knowledgeable and relaxing salon

Words of Wisdom:   Trust your instincts, and when you can't trust those, trust Divine guidance and intervention.

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