Y2R Adventure 5 - The Keys

The View from Islamadora in The Florida Keys
Evening, the first night

First Light


What I did:   Visit the Florida Keys

When I did it: October 4 - 6, 2013

Notes:  We added days to the beginining of a business trip so that we could visit & snorkel The Keys. We rented a car in Miami and drove down to Islamadora where we spent the night. The pictures are the view from the hotel.

The Takeaway/What I learned: 

  • Sometimes you have to push yourself past your physical limits, but the older you get, the more you'll pay for it.
  • I'd had an "off" feeling about the trip even as I was making travel arrangements. I trust my intuition, so I wasn't surprised at my sickness, only how sick I'd become from ear and sinus infections, in spite of an antibiotic & other OTC and herbal supplements. 
  • Do the best you can in any situation.
  • Know your limits. I refused to drive. I knew I wasn't cognizant enough to be safe behind the wheel.
  • Admit defeat when necessary.
  • Sleep every chance you can when you're sick.
  • In spite of the pain, I wouldn't have missed my time alone with my hubby or these views in the Florida Keys. 
  • Is there any place better to recuperate than on a tropical island?

Do Again?:  Yes. Next time we'll stay in the Middle Keys, plan our trips around the state park regions, and take the kids. 

Rant:  Ow, ow, ow!  I hadn't felt this sick AND in pain in years. I thought my eyes, head and ears would explode. Why did I have to get sick on our one, long-planned, solo trip?!
Don't expect people to move too fast. They're on island time. But that's okay, it teaches you how to slow down.


  • Beautiful views. 
  • Warm/hot weather in October. 
  • Great food. 
  • Great seafood. 
  • Key lime pie--only the place in Islamadora did it the right way. 
  • Who knew that the snorkeling in the Florida Keys rivaled beat snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands?!

Words of Wisdom:  I'd suggest going with outfitters if you're visiting for the first time. On later trips, you should be able to do some activities cheaper on your own.

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