Y2R Adventure 6: Snorkel in the Florida Keys

What I did:  Snorkel in the Florida Keys

When I did it: October 5, 2013

Notes:  In spite of my better judgement, two ear infections, sinus infections and a broken toe, I snorkeled. I couldn't help myself. A bad day snorkeling is better than...most other activities on earth! 

The Takeaway/What I learned: 

  • Snorkeling is a small piece of heaven on earth.
  • Snorkeling is an adventure into another world.
  • I should have gotten my degree in oceanography so I'd have an excuse to do it more often and be able to write off all expenses as business expenses.
  • In NO way is snorkeling inferior to scuba diving. 
  • Snorkeling is a good way to overcome your fear of water IF you practice your breathing in a pool before you go.

Do Again?:  Absolutely. Every chance I get. 

Rant:  If everyone could experience life underwater, we would do what it takes to protect the oceans. 

Rave:  The colors, textures, wildlife & diversity underwater is stunningly beautiful.
             We saw:

  • fish
  • crab
  • sharks
  • barracuda
  • sea turtles
  • sea turtles eating jellyfish an arm's length away!! (I had a Finding Nemo moment.)
  • rays
  • stingrays (gliding <10 feet from us)

Words of Wisdom: 

  • Buy or rent an underwater video camera.
  • If you're sick, reconsider or reschedule. It's best not to torture yourself. The water pressure is beyond painful when you've got sinus and ear stuff going on. Snorkeling will likely prolong or worsen the agony. I kept having to surface to yell curse words at the pain and pressure threatening to rupture my eardrums.
  • Always stay with your buddy.
  • Look just below water level to keep an eye out for jellyfish and barracuda.
  • If you don't have facemask face when you're done, you probably inhaled some water along the way.
  • You owe it to yourself to try it if you haven't. Plan to go snorkeling soon for a new perspective on life above water. 

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