Y2R Adventure 7: B&B

What I did:  Stay in a bed and breakfast for the first time

When I did it: October 5, 2013, after snorkeling

Notes:   We stayed at Cypress House in Key West after reading all the great reviews on Trip Advisor

The Takeaway/What I learned: I was always scared to stay at a B&B because

  1. I like my privacy.
  2. I was afraid we'd be stuck with nosy, noisy people that we wouldn't be able to avoid. 
  3. It would be less clean than a good hotel.
  4. That I would encounter ghosts or bad energy. (I am GGG, after all. These things do happen to me.)
  5. That I would miss the modern amenities. 

Do Again?:   If other B&Bs are anything like Cypress House, absolutely!

Rant:  The LOUD couple sharing the wall behind our headboard that came in arguing after the bars closed at 2am. Since this was a B&B, we endured the circular, repetitive argument. Seriously, when you're drunk, don't go have a shouting match in your room at the B&B and annoy your neighbors. Go to bed! It might save your marriage.

Rave:  Turns out we needn't have suffered. We had a number we could have called to report it to get it stopped. They were fabulous and offered us a room higher up, away from the noisy couple and the street noise. That room was perfect!

Also, B&Bs have special touches, like a hot breakfast, afternoon tea and the evening happy hour. Seriously good food.

And the rumored ghost in the room across the hall never materialized, even though I was sick and vulnerable. So I'm thinking the ghost in Room 8 was a rumor stirred up to feed the tourists who go on the mobile ghost tour.

Words of Wisdom:  Not all B&Bs are alike. Read reviews to find the best fit for you.

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