Disappointments and New Beginnings - A Book Writer's Life

So it looks like my memoir won't be published traditionally.

It's a lot to take in a year and a half of hard knocks. Do I self-publish? Do I give up? Do I write pieces of it as articles and hope an editor/publisher somewhere reads it and has to publish it?

I've played this game before. I have a computer full of unpublished book manuscripts, mostly for children's picture books, that ranged from close, not at all, and made it to the last round before being cut. The publishing industry has narrowed to celebrities and those with big platforms. I'm old school; I read old school. I'm not sure I'm cut out for an industry that likes the writing but doesn't see enough profit.

While the new year approaches, I'll decide whether to let old dogs lie or cut all ties with my writing past or publish it in some form or other. It truly is the best writing I've ever done. It deserves to see the light of Kindle and Nook and hardback....A decision another time.

How about you? What do you have to let go of? What will you drag kicking and screaming into 2015?


The carbon monoxide poisoning started in Sept 2013.

It's been a long year. I had to cut my adventures and my blogging short due to the many setbacks I've had in 2014.

I'm grateful it didn't kill me. Luckily we caught it 13 months later when the heating element's crack was discovered by the HVAC guy. It was a close call for me and the dog, who stayed at home all day, especially with the neck and shoulder re-injury and rehabilitation that added to my time at home.

Now it's up to me to get back to a healthy life.

That means rebuilding my injury sites with intense  45 minute to 1.5 hours of daily physical therapy, so that I can get strong enough to get back to a regular exercise routine.

And it means dumping this extra weight which helped me hold onto enough oxygen to keep me alive.

If you'd like to join me, I'm doing Colette Baron-Reid's Energetix Lite course. 

If you join, let me know (walks.in.spirit.llc@gmail.com). Maybe we can partner up. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You All!

May your days be merry and bright, and at least a few of your most heartfelt wishes come true!

aka GGG
aka Donna Lynn of Walks In Spirit, LLC (www.facebook.com/walksinspiritllc)


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What I do:
Here’s a sampling of what others have gained/learned through private readings:

·         past life reading revealed that, although a woman had lost the same fiancĂ© in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the heartache.
·         A fellow student was introduced to her spirit guide, the powerful Thunderbird, and her tribe in a past life.
·         A mourning mother-to-be experienced the homecoming her beloved baby received when he crossed over.
·         Forewarning and quick, protective action let one client protect her home from a serial arsonist.
·         Foresight allowed one client to take conducive actions that led to a new dream job and interstate move.
·         Tips to police about unsolved murders led detectives to broaden their search to find a serial killer.
·         Many hello’s and confirmations from loved ones on the other side.


What can I do for you?


Fill in the blanks: In the middle of _______, I found _______.

All Rights Reserved. Donna Reeve 2014

For me...

In the middle of my Year to Remember, 100 activity blog challenge, I found my life's calling

I never expected to find myself yearning to share my gifts of insight, divine connection, intuition, and spiritual coaching with a public audience. I wanted to hide, but I forced myself out of the psychic closet. Now that I've put myself out there, I know that this is the path I was created to follow. 

How about you? 

How do you fill in the blanks?? Please comment below. Bonus points if you add what changed for you after your discovery. 

In the middle of _______, I found _______. 


411 on Walks In Spirit

Clairvoyant, Intuitive Medium, Donna Lynn, announces the grand opening of her
Spiritual Life Coaching and Mediumship Practice


GGG/ aka Donna Lynn has spent all her life helping others “see”. Now she’s ready to help you!

What she does:
Here’s a sampling of what others have gained/learned through private readings:

·         A past life reading revealed that, although a woman had lost the same fiancĂ© in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the heartache.
·         A fellow student was introduced to her spirit guide, the powerful Thunderbird.
·         A mourner got to experience a sense of the homecoming her loved received when they crossed over.
·         Forewarning and quick, protective action let one client protect her home from a serial arsonist.
·         Foresight allowed one client to take conducive actions that led to a new dream job and interstate move.
·         Tips to police about unsolved murders led detectives to broaden their search to find a serial killer.
·         Many hello’s and confirmations from loved ones on the other side.

How and why she does it:
Donna Lynn recognized she could see, feel and hear things others couldn’t when she was still in the crib. Her understanding of her abilities came later, at the wake of a family friend. The spirit of a woman standing at the head of the casket explained that the wax-like figure in the coffin was her body and that others couldn’t see her standing there, watching her own funeral.

Donna Lynn’s abilities broadened and deepened in her teens, until a car accident left her with amnesia. After decades of navigating the world spiritually, through intuition, clairsentience, and the gift of discernment, she miraculously recovered most of what was taken away.

Since then, Donna Lynn has consulted with and coached people through an array of complicated situations. Although her practices are anchored in her Christian traditions, she helps her clients navigate their own spiritual waters, within their own religious traditions and preferences, and by teaching them to find and trust their own intuition and personal connection to the Divine, even if they believe they don’t have any.

Donna Lynn has further developed her skills through classes at Friends of Christ School of Christian Spirituality and Wellavision’s Psychic Meditation and Clairvoyant Training classes. She’s ready to help you live a spirit-filled, divinely-led life by connecting you to all your gifts and helpers.

Services and Introductory Prices for 2014

Donna Lynn is proud to offer these Introductory Prices, good until the end of 2014! In addition, prepaid, discounted packages are available for savings on readings, coaching and classes.

            Coaching or Snapshot Readings (with Minimal Medium Messages):
            (May include:  spirit animals; spirit guides; chakra blockages or imbalances; energy drains; guardians; past lives; an overview of your energy and spiritual life; a look at what’s working well and what needs improvement; tailored actions you can take to correct imbalances; etc.)
My goal is to equip you with the tools to navigate your spiritual life.
                        Intro Price:  $60                 Will be $75

Mostly Medium Readings
            A single person, 50-minute reading specifically scheduled to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed over.
                    Intro Price:  $85                 Will be $100+
(Note:  Families of the Missing or of Unsolved Murders are urged to contact me for help. I will work with them on affordable pricing in an effort to bring them peace.)

BFF Quick Read
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House Smudging/Blessing with White Sage
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                        Intro Price:  $150             Will be $250

Contact Donna Lynn
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New Biz: Launch Details

Hi GGG Readers,

I hope you had a great Halloween. We did. I talked all my immediate family into letting me do their makeup, a huge highlight of the season.

Post trick-or-treating

While I've been absent here, I've been working hard to get all the preparations done for my new Medium and Spiritual Life Coaching Business. I'm so excited to extend my services professionally, doing this work for decades for family, friends, and friends of friends. I can't say how empowering and humbling it is to stand in the gap between this world and the next to relay messages from loved ones, guides and protectors to help show how much you are loved and how many people are on your side.

I hope you check out my new physical office, details at http://healthtouchnc.com/ . You'll find me featured on the right as Donna Lynn, Walks In Spirit, LLC. I'd love to see you there! I'm

If you're online and can't meet me in person, contact me for phone readings and coaching, 919-904-4006 and walks.in.spirit.llc@gmail.com.

Not sure if I'm right for you? Call me.

Prices too high but you'd really like to work with me? I won't to turn anyone away because of money.

Know someone who's struggling with a missing or murdered family member? Have them call. I'll do everything in my power to help them get clues to take to the officials to help in their case.

Thank you for staying through the quiet times. I will resume posting here and at my new Walks In Spirit blog (to come).

More details in upcoming posts!

Blessings and much love to you!


Launching New Business Soon!

Hi GGG fans,

As you've noticed, things have been quiet here. I thank you for being patient with me as I recuperate from a debilitating neck re-injury. In the quiet stillness, I have kept my faith and my gratitude.

It wasn't easy, but the last three years of spiritual and metaphysical training, aka "kick my butt" spiritual bootcamp, led me to a higher level of spiritual learning, an opening of my spiritual gifts, physical and spiritual healing, and a new business!

With my mind and body in sync, I'm ready to step into the next phase of my GodGirlGoth-ness. I announce the near-launch my new business as Spiritual Life Coach.

I'll be starting seeing clients locally first. Then, as I get my online site built, I'd love to meet you and work with you by video and phone.

Please stay tuned for my new biz's name and my office information.

Blessings to you and yours on your calling.

Donna, GGG


Happy Belated Birthday!!

To Me, Happy belated birthday to me :)

It was a long, hard, painful summer. Nothing that I wanted; nothing I could avoid. It was a summer of lessons to learn. And I did. Throughout my hijacked days, I reconsidered life and my place in it. What was I doing right? Where was I failing? How could I be healthier and happier?
Interestingly enough, they were the same questions that had started my Year to Remember! I just didn't expect the answers to come the hard way. Oh well. 

It is what it is. 

  • I didn't get through my 100 adventures. 
  • I did get behind in my daily life, in my professional life and in my fun. 
  • I encountered massive setbacks due to unforeseen health complications from a prior injuries. 
  • I had to restart and revision.

Because I didn't give up...

I found:  

  • a new career.
  • a more concrete set of guiding values.
  • renewed, empowered relationships.
  • a personalized version of truth.

After these key adventures,

  • scheduling a reading with a clairvoyant
  • taking metaphysical classes to learn how to "see" better
  • using my insight to give police detectives some insight into open cases

I have reconnected and, more importantly, EMBRACED my spiritual gifts. 

I have decided to follow in the footsteps of those early Christian mystics. Through my gift of discernment and my highly attuned, intuitive insight, I will be trying to help as many people as I can deepen their own Divine gifts and use them to honor God. 

As such, I am going pro!  I will be doing healing clairvoyant and intuitive readings, teaching others how to consider how the Divine acts in their lives, and encourage others to consider the methods of the Christian mystics (and others) to deepen your faith and deepen your connection with others. 

Stay tuned for more. I'm slowly catching up with my adventure postings and moving ahead in setting up my business. 

Thank you for coming along on my journey. I hope it will continue in an even greater way.

Blessings to you and yours,
Donna, aka GodGirlGoth


Out of the Psychic Medium Closet

The current 24-hour period has been very special. By far, of all the great things that happened today, my favorite is the psychic/medium reading I got to do last night.

A dearly departed best friend of my classmate came through very clearly, with many details that were confirmed later with pictures, and with huge messages of love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. <3 p="">
As soon as I get the business set up, I'll give YOU the chance to get a free reading from me.

Thank you, God, for letting me see and experience this spiritual part of other people's lives. 


Forced R&R While Deadline Looms!

What's happened:  As I was completing adventures, I started having some unusual physical symptoms. After some testing, I've been told it's all related to my old, old neck injury. Luckily, I caught it in time so I can do something about it.

How it affects you:  My time at the computer is limited. My posts will be less frequent.

How it affects my Year of 100 Adventures:  I may not finish my list of 100 by my deadline near the end of September. I will tally them and keep writing them up as health permits

What you can do for me and your fellow readers:  

  1. Share some good pins with me at http://www.pinterest.com/donalynr/
  2. Give me your best summer book recommendation in the comments. 
  3. Tell me what you like most about summer.
  4. Tell me what you're looking forward to this fall.
  5. Email me with a pic and a little about yourself to be profiled here. (see below)

Thanks & happy summer! Stay healthy.

***I'm looking for a few good GGGs.***
While I'm on hiatus, would anyone like to be profiled? I'm looking for why YOU are a GGG? Email me at donna@starryskiesmedia.com and we'll figure out your best presentation.


Y2R Adventure 23: Nail Art

Nails I'd like (Pic by Bellashoot.com)
Many, many more at http://www.pinterest.com/donalynr/nail-art/

Nails I create

What I did:  Create Nail Art, aka a fancy manicure

When I did it: On and off over the past few months

Notes:  I'm not very good at the fine details. I haven't figured the best ways to clean the tiny brushes since I've been using nail remover pads instead of a bottle of liquid.

The Takeaway/What I learned:  Watch more videos on youtube until I can produce nicer results

Do Again?:  Yes, I'll try it again since I haven't achieved that beautiful, clean line yet. But I think stickers might be the way to go for me.

Rant:  It's like watching paint dry...literally. And you have to have dry nails before you add the other colors. 

Rave:  The pictures on pinterest, like Bellashoot's, are so cool. I'll get there some day with more patience and practice. 

Words of Wisdom:  Get the right tools, watch tutorials and have loads of time and patience to achieve professional results.


Things I've Learned From Kelly & Michael

My list is limited to what I know about them from their time on Live with Kelly and Michael.
(Pic property of ABC)

  1. A positive attitude + a winning disposition = A successful life
  2. Openness breeds familiarity and camaraderie
  3. Hard work, flexibility and versatility pay off in the form of better options.
  4. Good things happen to good people.
  5. Good health is a requirement for a great life.
  6. Good manners gets you further toward your goals.
  7. A good sense of humor is a requirement for a happy life.
  8. Don't get hung up on your physical, mental, educational or any perceived flaws or deficits.
  9. Good parenting = good kids.
  10. open for comment
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, thank you for being a good role model and good morning companions.

Are you a fan? Why? 


Y2R Adventure 22: Allergy Testing

What I did:  Got allergy tested after decades of chronic allergy and sinus problems.

When I did it: April 2014

Notes:  I found out that I wasn't allergic to the things I thought I was allergic to. Those things are "irritants," not true, histamine-producing allergies.

The Takeaway/What I learned: Don't shy away from things you're scared to do. Get it over with and deal with reality. 

Do Again?:   If they don't find my food blood tests, yes.

1)  The office personnel of this doctor was atrocious. Mistake after mistake. Too bad. He was a great ENT, as were everyone who treated/tested me for related things.
2)  They lost my food allergy test results, if they ever did them.
3)  I'm allergic to cotton?!
      ***They kept my blood long enough to reorder the food testing. Turns out I'm allergic to oats and hazelnuts, too.**

Rave:  I'm not allergic to my dog :)

Words of Wisdom:  "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."  Marie Curie


Y2R Adventure 21: A Funeral and Other Family Drama

What I did: Return to my hometown for a family funeral

When I did it: March 2014


When tragedy struck, I made plans to return to my hometown. My family needed me, especially my mother. I arranged childcare and arranged for a hotel room so that my estranged sister could stay with my parents. 
At the end of the funeral, my grieving aunt walked across the graveyard to me. "You told me 'anything you need'.This is the thing you can do to for me." She puts an arm around my waist and turns me toward my sister. 


"I need something good to come out of this day. And this is what I want." She kept her grip tight as she walked--dragged me over to meet her face to face. 

I laughed nervously and tried to hold us back. I protested; my aunt persisted. "I must love you even more than I know, Aunt M," I said as I gave up the fight. She led me like a lamb to slaughter.
My cousin, standing near my sister, saw what was coming her way. She backed out of the scene slowly. Then one look at the panic on my face and she stepped back into the fray. She grabbed my hand and held on. I squeezed her hand in gratitude.
The "ambush" (my sister's word) didn't go so well. We made a big scene, but not much progress. Not that I was surprised. See, my estranged sister and I had already made contact, before the funeral started. I saw her late entry into the graveyard and had walked over to accompany her to the graveside. She recoiled when I approached. I withdrew and headed closer to hear the stories told by my grieving relatives, but not before I'd handed her one of the clean tissues I'd brought for myself. 

No biggie, as I as leaving immediately after the service. We wouldn't see each other again on that trip. I'd head back to my life and away from the tatters of my childhood.  

I know our reconciliation is my parents' biggest wish. For their sake, I'm hoping we can be in the same room together, without all this unnecessary, unfounded drama. As for me, I'm apathetic. She has free will. I harbor no ill will for her thoughts toward me. I wish her peace and happiness. If her life doesn't include me, then it doesn't include me. Sometimes you were born into the same family, and that's the majority of what you have in common. As for me, "family" may not be blood; "family" are the ones you love and count on, and the ones who love and count on you back. Maybe one day we'll become family again.

Rest in peace, my dear uncle and assorted aunts, cousins and grandparents.
The Takeaway/What I learned:  Be there for others. Sometimes your presence is more precious than anything else you can offer.
Do Again?:  When necessary.

Rant:  Considering that I talk to dead people, you'd think I'd be hospitals and funeral homes. I'm not. Because my sensing abilities are stronger than my seeing abilities, these places always spook me. I can feel the presences, I can sense the activity. But if I've dragged myself to either place, it's because of a loved one. I'm likely to be emotional, not detached and sensing. 

Rave:  Although I ended up spending most of the wake outside in the rocking chair, meditating away far away from the casket, I stayed until the end. It meant a great deal to my mom, aunts and cousins, to share in the grief. It meant something to me and to them. It cemented our relationships and gave me more people who have my back. I'm glad I went to celebrate the lost loved one and celebrate the living.

Words of Wisdom:  What we do for others shows our love.


Y2R Adventure 20: I Joined a Gym

What I did: Joined a Short-Term Gym for 6 weeks


  • to train myself to jog for longer periods for the upcoming 4k with my family 
  • to get myself back in an exercise habit, post-asthma diagnosis crisis
  • to learn new weight training moves so that I couldwould do weight bearing exercises on my own
  • to get some social time with some new acquaintances
  • to lose weight
  • to tone and build muscle
  • to get back into my skinny clothes 

When I did it: Mid-April to Mid-May

Notes:  I used a prepaid, discount coupon to make it more affordable. Going into this adventure, I knew from my past experiences that I didn't want to go longer than my 6 weeks. Drive time seems like such a waste of time. Besides, I have a dog who'd love the extra exercise.

As it turned out, I quit before my last week, after ditching a session or two. The workout, while very effective, was too strenuous for me. Even with modifications, I ended up with exercise induced headaches. The 30-minute running on a treadmill, followed by a kick-ass weight training workout, was just too much for one session. I came home exhausted (normal), too exhausted to do my work and chores and too exhausted to work out the next day (not good for a mom and writer). Now you know one of the reasons why my blog postings dwindled to nothing.

The Takeaway/What I learned: Know your body.  I know that I have headaches, muscle weaknesses from prior injuries and  my asthma to contend with. I know I need to do cardio + weight training to stay healthy. I know that I can accomplish the same things in my home, IF I do it.

Do Again?:   At that gym, probably. At  home, yes. 

But I know all about slacking off, so,

I promise to myself, my husband and my kids that I will continue to do both cardio and weight training workouts. Together those workouts optimize my energy and life. I will lose the excess weight I accumulated when asthma attacks disabled my life. I will continue to challenge myself physically so that I can grow stronger.I will continue to increase my health so that I don't miss out on any adventures.

1. Darn headaches. I took all the precautions I could and still they waylaid my efforts.
2. In spite of breathing properly, pacing myself, making modifications, taking my medications correctly, drinking protein shakes and eating every 2-3 hours to keep my blood sugar up, and drinking enough water to be well-hydrated, I wasn't able to budge the number on the scale. 

**Update since post was written:  The numbers are finally going down with a more frequent (near daily) moderate workout using the exercises I learned at the gym.

Rave:  I see the muscles coming in. Then one morning, I took the dog for a 4k jog/walk session for no reason other than I wanted to jog. I repeat, I wanted to jog. Then I went even further, faster without the dog. Don't look now! I think I might be becoming an occasional jogger. I will continue to jog occasionally, mixing in other activities to keep my exercise routine fresh. I will reach my health and weight goals.

Words of Wisdom:

Try and try again. Yes, I'd done--and quit--the gym thing before. This time, I selected a realistic time period and I went long enough to learn what I needed to know.

Know yourself, especially what motivates you. When my workouts took me away from the reason I'd started--to enable myself to spend MORE quality time with my family--I knew I had to end things early.

How do YOU stay healthy? Do you exercise for the fun of it and/or for the health of it? Please comment below.


Y2K Adventure 19: DIY Plumbing Repair


What I did:   A DIY Toilet Repair

When I did it: A few weeks ago, on the weekend


DIYer It's not like I've never done toilet repairs before. The last few times I was nervous and couldn't quite figure things out. In the end, I needed to get someone else to complete the job. 

I was fairly certain of the problem this time. Although I'd never replaced this particular toilet part before, I felt certain that I could. But if I was wrong, if I failed, we'd have big leaks that would cascade to the first floor. I was torn between confidence and nervousness. 

History of Fear  

Last Time Just before we moved here, we sustained major damage from a broken water main outside that drained back inside into the lower level of our last house. That one, uncontrollable, unstoppable accident cost us many hours of physical labor and many dollars to repair and replace what insurance wouldn't cover. 

The part that haunted me most:  the kids had discovered the damage. They'd stepped into the playroom, and the floating floor squished under their feet. Water was rising up to the outlets. What if there had been a tragedy? I had trouble getting over that particular one. 

Then there was the insurance. They blamed the homeowners, citing a water main break outside the house as a "preventable" occurrence. I cried lots of tears in frustration those few months while we labored long into the night to tile the 20 X 20 ft. space. Before we were done, we had copper pipe leaks .in a bathroom above this area. DC Metro area was famous for this problem. Still, we had to split our resources and start tearing out the bathroom before we'd finished the basement. 

I haven't made any plumbing repairs since.

This time
Last time, the problem was beyond our control. This time, the potential success or damage would be directly dependent on me. 

It took me one week to get myself to the store, and another two weeks up to try the repair. It's silly, I know. Yet I faced my fear, took a chance that I could conquer this situation, and...succeeded. Done and done.

So while this adventure wasn't glamorous, it got me back into the DIY game. For that, I'm grateful.
The Takeaway/What I learned: Sometimes you have to try and try again.

Do Again?: As a homeowner, it's very likely.

Rant:  None.

Rave:  I saved so much $ by doing it myself.

Words of Wisdom:  Consult books, articles and video before starting DIY projects.

What's your silly fear/obstacle? How did you overcome, or plan to overcome? How do you buck up for those irrational, little things? Please comment below. 


Tarot Cards and Reading

Hi readers,

I bought myself a new angel tarot deck!

Please watch HERE as I introduce you to my 3 dependable decks and the differences (to me) between them. Around minute 8:30, I do a sample reading. Very accurate, especially for a new deck.

Also Please comment on the video. Did you like the content? Want to see more? Me out of the picture, like this video? Or me in the picture?

Would you like me to do a reading for you? Email me your question/situation that you'd like some insight into. I'll video tape your reading, but you may remain Anonymous.

I'm looking forward to practicing. I'm hoping you're looking forward to some clarity.

Thanks so much.


Bubble Tea Video Blooper

It's obvious that I need a camera man/woman. My videos today were all with only half my head in the shot.

Please watch the blooper reels now:

If you can ignore worst parts of the video, would you let me know what you think about the content in the comments below? If you want more videos, I'd appreciate the helpful feedback.


Animal Symbolism

I've spoken before on the importance of repetitive or unusual animal sightings. I believe it's the Native American Indian in me combined with my love of animals. 

Whatever my reasons, I think animal symbolism and totem animals are worth exploring for everyone looking for more insight. If you start looking, you'll notice whatever signs speak to you. You might be city bound, and not have the ancient wisdom of nature speaking to you. Then pay attention to the things in your environment.  

For those with multiple animal sightings and encounters, no, you're not crazy. I'll let What's Your Sign website take care of the full explanation. I'd emphasis this quote from them:

They aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination, giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness.

For example, in the past week, many animals presented themselves to me. Many I that I had seen close up once before (we had a groundhog that used to live in the yard of our previous house). This particular week, I saw groundhogs EVERYWHERE. I finally looked up their symbolism. Once I internalized some of the applicable knowledge, I stopped seeing them. 

Others, like the spider, are my previous dominant totem animals. On the whole, my week's animal showing looked like a Noah's Ark remake...So I paid attention. I fully expect the stream of living creatures to go back to their normal behavior, but if my meditation is any indication, not yet. I still have more to learn.  

So here's my Animal Roster for the week:  



I thought I'd know this obvious one, but the details revealed way more than I ever expected. 

But since the one I found was a woolly worm type, specifically a Black Leopard Moth, I found even more specific meaning here:

House Wren 
(http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meanings-of-wren.html )
http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/house_wren/id) who hopped up to the window when I spoke to it to show me his/her twig and the decision on where to build a nest. 

Walking Stick Insect 

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Y2R Adventure 18: Make Bubble Tea

What I did:  Made Bubble Tea, an Asian drink made with sweet black tea with tapioca pearls

The  Bubble Tea setup:  recipe and tapioca pearls

Reconstituting the tapioca pearls took the longest time.

Sweetened Black Tea with cream and tapioca

When I did it:  Wednesday, May 14

Notes:   I had spent most of the morning sorting old, unused recipes torn from magazines from the "recipe cabinet" where they were overflowing. (I told you I had a paper clutter problem.) Recipes to keep and recipes to try are supposed to be bound in a 3-ring binder, but I had run out of room.

In going through them, I found a mix of old and new clipped recipes I really wanted to try. One was Bubble Tea. When I was done sorting, hole punching, filing and recycling, I'd been sitting a long time. I needed to move, but I wanted a caffeine jolt and something tasty to drink. Since I was trying my hardest to ignore the sodas intended for future parties stacked in the cabinet, I decided to make sweet black tea. (For health reasons, I use minimal regular sugar or a mix of real and artificial sweeteners.)

It occurred to me that I could make myself something special from the recipe I'd saved. Since I was also in the middle of "the pantry purge", I knew where the tapioca pearls could be found. So before I could lose either the recipe or tapioca, I set out to make myself some bubble tea.

I'd been craving that sugary Thai tea from Tara Thai in Maryland, but I couldn't imagine going to the local bubble tea place for just tea. Yes. I'm surprised as you that we have one dedicated restaurant for it (http://www.chillbubbletea.com/). Looking at the menu now (http://www.chillbubbletea.com/bubble-tea/), I may seriously have to make a trip there to try another variety.

The Takeaway/What I learned:   In my recipe, reconstituting the took is the most time consuming.

Do Again?:  Absolutely. 3 out of 4 of us loved it.

Rant:  None.

Rave:  Yum!

Words of Wisdom:  Go light on the sweetener. It's a VERY sweet concoction by nature.

Have you ever tried it? What's your favorite flavor?

Bottoms up~