Happy New Year!!

I'm back.

2014 started off less than ideal:

  • I got sick on my hubby's NYE birthday.
  • I got sent for a chest x-ray after a doctor visit for the gurgling and crackling-fire sounds in my lungs and a nonstop coughing.
  • Luckily NOT pneumonia, but a bad, bad case of bronchitis.
  • So I didn't argue the 5 rxs to help my lungs recuperate.
  • I missed celebrating my hubby's birthday on any meaningful level.
  • I did stay up to ring in the new year watching the Unexplained Files with my youngest.
  • I had to shift the joint family birthday party from my house to elsewhere. Luckily, it worked so the celebration could go on...
  • without me.  I had to miss the party. I elected for a short, pity party, a long phone conversation, a good book, a long bath and at-home mani & pedi. 
Since I was on a narcotic cough medicine, I wasn't able to drive; I barely left my home because I was unsteady on my feet. 

I went through my cupboards while I was recuperating, in my eternal quest for decluttering and made quite a bit of progress. I have a box of magazines to take to the retirement home I've "adopted" and my kitchen organization has never been better.

Today, school started back. I dropped the cough syrup so I could walk and drive. I hit the store early for fresh groceries and walked the dog wearing my new heart monitor. As I suspected, the burning in my chest was not too high a heart rate, just another lovely side effect of asthma. So when I'm back to normal, I can play with my asthma meds so that I can get a great workout and get healthy once and for all!!

Best wishes to you in the new year.

May you start where you are and end up where you want. 

Love, GodGirlGoth 
(Let's get back to the adventures on my next post, shall we?)

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