Puzzle Peace & Tips

It takes planning, persistence and attention to detail to solve the bigger puzzles. Here are my best tips so you'll have fun.

  1. If it's been a while, start with a 200 pics puzzle. You should be able to choose a puzzle this size that has enough detail and an interesting picture to work with. 
  2. Pick a picture that you'd like to see in more detail. The finished puzzle is like the prize in the Cracker Jack box. You want to look forward to seeing it because if you get stuck, that's your motivation.
  3. First technical step: Separate the corner pieces from the interior ones. They're easier to see on the side without the picture.
    Can you find the 2 frame/side pieces quickly?
    **The exception: For puzzles of 1000+ pieces, you probably want to quick sort into the lid to find the serious/framing pieces. Then take the time to double-check and right pieces that aren't picture-side up. 
  4. Spread out. A yoga mat can serve several functions:
  • The sticky, smooth texture that will help keep puzzle pieces from falling to the floor and into obscurity.
  • The contrasting color can help with the puzzle's clarity and let you see mistakes.
  • You can roll up the incomplete puzzle, rubber band both ends and put your work away until you can complete it.
    5.   Make puzzle time's quiet time, fun. Turn on the tunes. Grab a drink. Get a cushy chair and sit a spell. 

NOW, I'm over my head with a  2,000 pc puzzle. Please comment with your best tips to help me complete the NYC skyline, pre-9/11, before the summer. I can't even get the outer frame pieces to fit together!!

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