What I got from doing a 2000 piece puzzle:

Living in the country, with few neighbors and fewer playmates, I learned to play in solitude. Among word searches, seek and find puzzles, Pick-Up Sticks, etc., I fell in love with puzzles.

If you worked hard and consistently, your prize was...a pretty picture, a piece of art.

The frugal me loved that I had something pretty and tangible at the end of my endeavors. I could frame it or redo it another day.  My creative side needed the colors to survive the utilitarian factory and farming cultures; my attention-deficit brain needed the training so I could learn to finish something to completion.

Not much has changed.

Here's the evidence for why I should buy more puzzles.

  1. The time I spend putting a puzzle together is me time...although I might have converted my youngest son into a puzzle fan. I don't mind the company at all. :)
  2. I love working both sides of my brain at the same time.
  3. Claiming my working space declares this activity's importance, a skill that I need for bigger endeavors.
  4. I get to intimately learn a picture by sight and touch, a sensual pursuit.
  5. My young angels, or spirit guides, love it when I play.
  6. I believe many of my psychic and medium messages may come through during these quiet grounded times. I much prefer these times for spirit to come through, instead of disturbed sleep and standing on a stool to quiet the fire-alarm-in-the-middle-of-the-night messages I tend to get. Yes, beloved spirits, I'm listening. 
  7. Ravensburger Puzzles are high quality, sturdy works of art. (I have no affiliation, except I'm a huge fan. They make something for everyone.)
Now that I see the benefits of these small activities, I understand why I was forced off the "small business owner" path--I needed the quiet times to further me down the right path--> mine!

I'm giving this gargantuan puzzle 3 months to come together. Then it'll be time to order more, smaller puzzles. 

My current work-in-progress: a monster, 2000-piece Ravensburger puzzle

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