"This too shall pass."

Biblical, right? No. Still, good advice.

I woke up tired. A restless night with the polar arctic winds blowing down our exhaust vent, flap, flap, flapping in all that cold air had cooled off our bathroom. Too much. The pipe running into the toilet seemed to be frozen.

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I hate water problems, more than you could ever know. A lifelong fear of water/drowning and the inestimable damage hidden water problems can cause wreak havoc on my peace. We'd suffered a water main brake that drained water back into our fully-renovated basement. We found out when we sent the kids down to clean the play room. Thank God--seriously, thank you, God!--that they weren't hurt, especially considering that the floating floor had floated up to the baseboards.

Seriously, I lost it. Not my proudest Mom moment.

So I hate water problems.


This morning was different.

The other bathrooms worked fine. That toilet actually flushed fine. We had heat in the whole house. Our vehicles started fine & the school gave the kids a two hour delay.

Every house has problems. Big ones, small ones; luxurious mansions, one room shacks. Green, environmentally friendly ones, old ones, new ones.

Nothing lasts forever. 

Not the good times nor the bad.

By this weekend, unlike most of the United States, we will be in the 50s. I will call in another insulator to try to seal up the crawl space better, especially around the pipes.

I took all the preventative measures I could take. I'd gotten the professional's opinions on the crawl space after we moved here. I did everything reasonable & realistic.

Things fail. Humans fail. We'll get back up again.

So while I wait for the pipe to thaw and the plumber to call, I'll take stock of all my blessings. Heat, food, family, love, better health, etc.  A true list should take me...all of forever. 

So on these cold days, bundle up in all your wonderful blessings and stay warm. And if you find yourself feeling "lack", ask for blessings on your life. 

Stay safe and warm. Do what you can and take care of the rest as best as you can.



Update:  2 plumbers have told me to wait it out and all should be well. If not, we'll deal with it then. Patience!

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